Updates to our Tesla Subscription

Hi all,

There are lots of new faces around here! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Rob. Co-founder and CEO of Onto.

To start with, I want to thank all of you for being active in our community and always giving us feedback. We continue to listen to you and learn from you to offer the best possible service to all our subscribers.

The reason I am here today is to give you an update on our Tesla cars.

As many of you know, Tesla was the first premium car we added to our fleet, and it was a huge success (it is a great car!). Despite our best efforts, we have not been able to reach an agreement with Tesla that would enable us to add more Model 3s to our fleet at the current subscription price. Unfortunately due to Tesla’s pricing changes and the lack of fleet discounts, we cannot make it work at the current price. Recent regulatory changes (the removal of the plug-in car grant for cars above £35,000) have aggravated the situation further.

Nonetheless, we have continued to receive many requests for more Teslas, and they seem to be as popular as ever. For this reason, we want to make sure that in the future we can keep the ones we have and eventually add more to our fleet.

Here is the caveat: for us to be able to keep and potentially purchase more Teslas, we have to ensure we are doing it in a sustainable way for our business. To do this, we have had to revise the pricing of our Tesla subscription.

Starting on 1st of June, our Tesla Model 3 Standard Range subscription will change to £1099 per month. Our Tesla Model 3 Long Range will change to £1299. Our Tesla Performance will change to £1299.

What happens if you currently have a Tesla?

We will continue to hold your current Tesla subscription price for the next 5 months. After that, you will be moved on to the new pricing. If you wish to return it or swap it for a different car, we will offer you a free collection or a free swap.

What if you’re on the waiting list?

Unfortunately, we will need to adjust the pricing for our Tesla Model 3 Standard Range and Our Tesla Model 3 Long Range. As and when we get more Teslas, your subscription will start with the new pricing, and we will offer you a free delivery of your Tesla or any other model of your choice. We will send you an email to confirm that you still want to stay on the waiting list.

If you are in the Tesla Performance waitlist, we regret to inform you that we won’t be able to purchase any more. To make up for this we will offer you a free delivery of any other model. We will send you an email to arrange that for you.

We understand this is not ideal for you, just as it is not ideal for us either. However, it is the only way we can continue to offer these cars on our fleet. As you know by the recent announcement of price reductions on our Zoe, the Ioniq and the DS3 Ultra Prestige models, we will always aim to give you the most affordable price we can. If our situation with Tesla changes in the future, we will not hesitate to review these prices again.

Thanks for your continued support and we are looking forward to this year - full of new models, new features and new services to offer you… Stay tuned!



Maybe once Tesla Germany actually gets manufacturing things might change for the better.


£1099 A MONTH for the SR+ :flushed:

Quite a jump for the legacy punters on £599 :see_no_evil:

I guess November is going to see pretty much all Tesla’s returned!


Just seen this.

Shame for a long term legacy SR+ subscriber.

I understand they need to justify their numbers to make the business work. But no customer will be feeling good about a monthly price going from £599, +£500. I wonder what business case calls for such a vast increase.
​Ultimately should this go ahead they will loose the legacy customers that supported and built this business with them from the start.

Through lockdown i chose to stay onboard and now have over 4500 unused miles on my account, like i am sure many do, which is e.q. to £2700 of monthly payments that have gone un-used.

I hope there is an opportunity over the next 5 months to re-consider the numbers for legacy customers that have and wish to stay faithful.

Here’s hoping we can stay with you.


Will mileage accrual count against rental?

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I’m wondering the same. I’ve been planning a journey to Germany and adding mileage and banking it to cover the excess mileage, but its looking increasingly unlikely to happen between now and November.

I’m certainly not going to accept the £500 per month price hike, but will certainly be making the most of it before I say goodbye to the Tesla :sob:


I don’t understand how they can justify a £500 price increase on a 19 plate vehicle. When for £200 more you can get a brand spanking new Jaguar or Audi :man_facepalming:t2:I understand they need to make things work etc but a slow increase of £200 for 5 months then maybe some more would have been better. We got our 2 cars in lockdown and helped support ON.TO when people were sending vehicles back and now we are going to have to pay £500 if we want to keep the car we love and is the only one that works charging wise.


Well I have a fair few miles to use… so here’s hoping

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Just for comparison, here is the tariff for a SR+ from EVision EV Car Hire. (Under 90 days gets 150 miles per day. Over is 20k miles pa pro rata. Free supercharging only.

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Who is this marketed at!? That’s nuts

I think Wagonex works out cheaper. Although I must admit, I’ve not looked at their model in much detail.

I can’t imagine a single subscriber will entertain the £500 price hike. What will happen is that they’ll all go back and then eventually some new subscribers will come along who weren’t aware of the legacy price(s) and they’ll slowly get booked out again.

To be honest it had to happen as prices of other models, new cars etc have been steadily increasing and the legacy Model 3 was looking like the deal of the century. ONTO introduced the current pricing structure over a year ago for the Teslas but nobody was paying those prices. Everyone else was probably subsiding the Tesla fleet.

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I would rather pay £35-40k for an older S/X and get free SuC than pay £1100 per month for a M3

For people in the position to do that then I agree with you. It’s a lot of money. Models 3 lease deals are looking like the much better option now. I’d imagine most of the ONTO Model 3s have been with just one or maybe 2 "owners^ since being added to the fleet, so effectively like a lease deal anyway.

for the price that @Rob_at_Onto expects for a M3 69 reg is £1099 per month, I’d much rather pay the £35k for a decent used MS with unlimited SuC

Even Tesla want less than £41k for a M3 SR+ - at £1099 PM it really doesn’t make sense to be loyal to ONTO as you could own a MS (a much better car) with less than 30 monthly payments!


That’s if your in a position to commit to a 3 year finance deal …to be honest the reason most people use onto isn’t because they can’t afford lease deals or finance uts because of the flexibility in these uncertain times

Onto as a business are much better off with long term customers that stick with a car over what would be at this price, one-off, try it for a month, have a bit of fun, punters.

Less paperwork.
They care for the car.
Less down time between return and drop off.
Less valeting.
Less risk of damage claims and down time.
Less admin & operations.

As a business owner, I want loyal long term customers. These prices bring more problems than it’s worth, require more staffing, leave the cars in worse condition and open the business up to more competition.

Hope they can re-think it for us.


100% agree. I’m not saying they should increase at all. Just not so drastically. Maybe just take all legacy pricing people up to the same as the price at the minute to start or something. Not increase it by £500. We had booked to go to Disneyland in Paris for Christmas and use the Tesla as the charging is fantastic. Now if they put the price up we either have to go back to an ice vehicle to save the trip being forever or pay the extortionate pricing.

You have a few alternatives in onto’s fleet that wouldn’t take that much longer for a trip to Paris. If you look at Teslabjorn’s 1000km challenge results the Model 3 SR+ did 1000km in 10:30h, the LR in 10:25h. The closest ones to those times in onto’s fleet are the ID.3 with 10:45h and the Kona with 11:30h.


Of course the journey times only make up part of the picture. I think most of us here would have greater confidence in charging on the Tesla supercharge network compared to the other names out there. Even Ionity which we have free access to now is flawed in comparison.

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