Updates, feedback and transparency - a note from our CEO, Rob Jolly

Hi all,

It’s Rob here, founder and CEO of Evezy. We’ve had amazing growth in the last 12 months. We’ve seen subscriber numbers go through the roof and we would like to thank you for being a part of the journey. As such we’ve had a bunch of challenges which we’ve overcome and in the spirit of transparency we want to share them with you. More importantly, we want to share some of the exciting developments we’ll be launching soon and get your feedback!

Waiting lists

Over the last 12 months, we have been growing rapidly; we now have over 1,100 subscribers and hundreds of vehicles arriving in the next few months alone! We currently have just over 600 customers on our waiting lists across all models. Our average waiting time will be coming down quickly with the orders arriving and we realise we need to get better at communicating this to you. From tomorrow we will have the estimated time until delivery for all cars on our website. If you are on the waiting list then we will be emailing you frequently to update you on your position, starting with an email tomorrow.

What updates do we have in the pipeline?

New vehicles - we have 4 brand new models that will be available on our website in the coming two months. More information will follow once we have delivery dates confirmed.

Handsfree unlock - we currently have a new feature in R&D which would allow your vehicle to unlock automatically when you walk up to it, without getting your phone out of your pocket.

Additional mileage - we will be offering packages for more monthly miles in the coming weeks, for those of you who drive more than 1,000 miles a month.

European travel - we are doing final tests and expect it to be an available bolt-on in March. The delays have been organising European breakdown cover, ensuring nothing changes with Brexit and looking at the changes we’d need to make for local regulations.

Salary sacrifice scheme - from April, we are introducing the option to subscribe to an Evezy car through your employer. With a 0% benefit-in-kind rate from April, this is an effective way for both you and your employer to save even more money. Let your employer know you want it and have them get in touch with us!

How our business model works

In case you have been wondering how we can offer more flexibility than a lease at a comparable price, I’d like to share how our business model works. We buy cars in bulk, directly from the car manufacturers. Bulk buying allows us to negotiate conditions that would not be achieved by an individual or even a leasing company. This enables us to pass on the low subscription prices to you. This also means you will only ever have a monthly commitment, as the finance sits with us, rather than against your name (like on a PCP contract).


At the end of 2019, we realised we had misjudged some prices when we launched 18 months ago. We made a tough decision that we needed to adjust our prices for new customers in 2020 in order to continue to grow sustainably. We still believe we are extremely good value for an all-inclusive service and actually a comparable price with lease deals (better value when considering all the included extras like insurance, public charging and only a one month commitment). The price increase only affects new customers, so if you have a vehicle already or are on a waiting list, you won’t see any change.

Community Forum: We’d love to hear your feedback

We have just launched our own forum, where you can ask us or other members questions directly! This is a ‘go to’ place for interaction about the service, leaving feedback or speaking to other Evezy members.

We are trying to improve the service by listening to your feedback. Please let us know if there is anything you think we could improve or if you have ideas for new features. This article will be posted on our forum on this link, where we’d love to hear from you!

Finally, we know that we will definitely get some things wrong as we go, but we are all working as hard as we can to ensure we keep improving and avoid making the same mistakes twice.

Thanks for your support, together we can help make our roads emission-free!

Best wishes,

Rob Jolly


Thanks Rob really appreciate your openness about the growth and the struggles that come with it :+1:


Thanks Rob, love the company, very happy with my SR+ and the overall service.

Also hands free unlock and the option of european travel sound great, looking forward to hearing more details on those.



This is great - particularly pleased to hear the news about European travel.

Keep up the good work!

I think you should consider making your blog into a page for regular updates likely this, about what you are doing within the business etc, instead of (or just as well as) the more general EV news the blog tends to be about now.


Hi Rob
Great news about the new models coming in. When will we get updated about the waiting list?

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The email states tomorrow…
. If you are on the waiting list then we will be emailing you frequently to update you on your position, starting with an email tomorrow.

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Hi, yes thats right - everyone on the waiting list will be emailed tomorrow - I think the emails will be going out about lunchtime.


Thanks for the updates. Looking forward to seeing what the new models are , will existing subscribers be offered option to change before general release by any chance ?

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Good update Rob!
Should that have been received by email by people that have placed deposits?
I placed a deposit in November and have never had an email.
Good responses from George whenever I’ve called though.



Think everyone who has registered with Evezy should have received it. My wife got one as she registered so she could be a named driver.
Call Evezy support and check that your email is correct and on their systems.

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Appreciate the inclusive update @Rob_Jolly. Its everything i have asked and hoped for!

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I’m that customer who recently left the 1* review on TrustPilot, after having waited 5 months to receive nothing and no updates…


I suspect that this announcement and the sudden first update email aren’t just a coincidence just a few days after my review, so well done for taking constructive action to address the problems.

I’ve now got a lease car elsewhere, as we reached the point where we couldn’t wait any longer, so understandably I won’t need to lease a car from Evezy any more.

In view of the prolonged delays, is Evezy going to offer a refund of the £10 application fees to customers who can’t continue waiting? If not then I’ve probably got a good case for making a chargeback claim from the credit card company, as Evezy hasn’t delivered any kind of service.

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Rob - great update - and a massive Well done! to you and the whole EVezy team for having created a really unique, innovative and economic proposition which has enabled so many of us to drive an EV.


I think the transparency is good. I suppose there’s nothing stopping people from contacting Evezy before registering to find out if there’s a wait for the car they want, however I think it would be good to make this clear during registration before payment is taken.

So when registering, ask what car someone wants (I think this is already done to manage demand) and then tell them how soon they’re likely to get it if they register today to get on the list. It’s important that people understand the process, what they’re paying for, and the consequences of both their actions and inactions. Just make it clear.

It’s not necessary to commit to a timeframe, again, as long as it’s clear that the wait is an estimate and that it could change either way.

Maybe the registration and insurance checks can be done for free in future :man_shrugging:t2: But for now that costs £10 I guess.

No email for me :frowning: Been on a waitlist for an i3 since the summer!

Thanks for the refund, good to know that Evezy are playing fair.


@tetstb Great suggestion! I will raise it with the team and let you know if we can do this.

@Noel Just checked with our customer support team and it seems it’s all fixed now - you should receive everything moving forward.

@Sean I’m sorry to hear that, but we are very grateful for your feedback. As Rob mentioned in his email, we are improving our communication moving forward and taking in as much feedback from you guys as possible. In regards to the £9.99 reg fee, we are happy to refund it if we haven’t been able to get you a car after 90 days, and I have just asked our financial team to do so. You will see it on your statement in 7-10 days. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and hope you will give us another chance once your lease is over :smiley:

@Alasdair Absolutely, you can definitely get in touch to find out. Furthermore, we have just added estimated delivery dates to our website and will keep these up to date from now on. However, excellent suggestion about adding them to our registration, I will discuss with the team and let you know if/when we can implement this!

@MrMoonUK I’m looking into this - I will update you in the next hour!


Also really love this idea! Let’s see if we can make it happen.

I just checked and it seems that our team tried getting in touch with you 3 days ago to offer you an i3! I will have them call you again today (after 5pm) with the next steps. No more waiting :wink:

I’ve been on a waitlist for a Nissan Leaf since April 9th (informed batch coming in May), my recent informed position was 3rd. I have also not had an email yet, which is understandable if they are being sent out in batches.