Update Postcode Database

I had nothing but problems getting signed up as my house is fairly new (2 years old). It appears on almost all website postcode lookups these days but not Onto!
Usually this is due to how much (or little) the company pays Royal Mail for updates to the database.
To avoid this issue for other users, and save your customer service team all the hassle from me and others to get it fixed, I suggest reviewing how often you get postcode database updates from Royal Mail.

@RDowson this isn’t a company forum - so you’re not messaging Onto with these posts - just the customer curated community.

If you want to get in touch with Onto best off contacting their Customer Service Team directly


Actually Royal Fail provide the PAF data to 3rd parties such as Experian and Equifax who in turn sell it on to Companies to use, and charge handsomely to do so…

Very Very very few companies use PAF directly, as its a pile of poo…

So blame the people at Experian for not doing their job properly… and stop the data breaches at the same time…

Why I know this, because I get spammed by them at work…


@Rucket I’m aware but this is the Ideas section of the forum so surely someone must check it from time to time.

@mozzauk Onto must be doing something different though as I don’t have this issue with any other websites these days. Most had my address updated within a few months of moving in.