Upcoming Model 3 Deliveries

That’s suggests that Tesla would treat evezy worse than ‘normal’ customers which if they’re getting a discount I would agree is entirely possible.
Just a tricky balancing act for evezy.
That being the case they need to stop their customer support chaps making made up promises!!! :slight_smile:


Hi @Noel, sorry to hear that. I’ve raised this with the team and they will get in touch with you today to clarify and answer any questions you may have!


Thanks so @Lily_at_Evezy
The lovely George called me and clarified the incorrect information one of his colleagues has been giving out.

Thanks ahain


Think the word on the street is this is true!


I’ve been on the waiting list since November 22nd for a M3P. Been on the phone to Evezy most days this week trying to get an update. I’ve been promised an update tomorrow with more specific delivery information. It’s been fairly frustrating not having a more precise date than “before the end of March”.

From what I’ve heard about Tesla, they give out a lot of information regarding when vehicles will arrive, so it seems very strange that a customer like Evezy wouldn’t get access to the same information and customer service.

Once I get more info, I’ll share here as it seems like a lot of people are in the same boat and I’m sure my update will be relevant to everyone else waiting for an M3P.

Wish me luck!


Hi @Steve
Who have you been speaking to? Unless its George or the fleet team directly suggest take the ‘update tomorrow with specific delivery info’ with a pinch of salt until it happens.

That’s what another member of staff was telling me and it seems he was either mistaken or just trying to make me happy… with the opposite effect when it turned out to be complete tosh. I’ve fed back clearly and understand revised guidance has been sent out to the team on what to be communicating to customers.

Fingers crossed that’s not the case for you. Have you placed a deposit? If yes what number were you in the queue based on the email sent out in February?

I placed my deposit around the 5th November, was number 7 in the queue for an M3P and have been assured this week that there’s no information and all they know is mid to end of March but no specifics on how many cars there getting nor when.

Very much feels like Tesla will give them some cars if Tesla feel like it. Definitely keep us posted :slight_smile:


Been there, done that!

I waited 5 months for an M3P, and was deprived of £3k all that time. So if you haven’t paid a deposit yet, consider yourself lucky!

I lobbied evezy not to take 4 months deposit at time of reservation. Maybe 1 month at that point, then the remaining 3 months just before delivery. Don’t think they’ve implemented this suggestion fully, but they seem to be taking deposits later than they did. Is that your case?

Looking back, I wondered why I tortured myself so much. Tracking ships across the Atlantic, visiting any forum that had anything to do with Tesla. Didn’t make the Model 3 come any quicker!

Trouble is, I’m now doing the same thing with the Renault Zoe ZE50 R135 GT Line! Will I never learn?


I spoke to George earlier in the week and it was him who told me I’d have an update at the end of the week with more information regarding collection date.

I’ve been very clear every time I’ve been on the phone that I am unhappy with being promised updates several times and not getting them, so I have faith they’ll be in touch today with at least some form of communication.

I’ll keep everyone updated.


I haven’t paid any deposit yet, just added my credit card to my account and paid my £9.99 membership fee. They said I just need to pay my deposit once the vehicle is available. So that’s a bonus I guess.

I gather they had too many issue with taking deposits and then subsequently refunding them several months later after customer complaints that they just decided to change how this works. But I’m interested to know if other customers have paid a deposit yet.

I’ve even been into Tesla and asked them what’s going on with their shipments to get a better idea. And one interesting fact is that they make big pushes to deliver cars by the end of each quarter. This is in order to improve their profits for each earnings call. So that lines up with why they would promise Evezy end of March.

Another reason could be that Evezy were holding out for 20 plates on the cars. This may help them hold a little more value down the line seen as it’s a whole new decade of number plates. This is just a theory though, but it would make sense.

As I said, I’ll keep everyone updated with whatever information I receive today. I’m personally very excited to finally have a RHD M3P, I’ve only properly driven a LHD version in China which has different, 19" aero wheels. The UK version should feel a lot different to drive!


This is what I was told

The deposit would not be taken until you start your subscription with ourselves.

At the moment we do not have any cars available immediately so we wouldn’t be able to get you into a car right away, when a car becomes available we would contact you to arrange a booking.

I am currently on a waiting list for an SR+, deposit will be taken when I actually get assigned a car.


Just called them for a quick update and was told that Tesla have released a statement regarding issues delivering Performance Model 3’s in Europe. That being said, I was told they are still expecting to get Evezy customers into cars by mid to end of March still, they just don’t have an exact date from Tesla yet.

Also, I am dealing with George directly on this and he’s the one who will be contacting me. However, I was told that he’s on holiday today and will be back in the office tomorrow. So it looks like I’ll be waiting until tomorrow for a proper update.

Although, I am glad that I was told mid to end of March, rather than just end of March as before. This at least gives me a tiny shred of hope that I’ll get my M3P a bit sooner.

Fingers crossed and, as always, I’ll keep everyone updated.


Thanks for updating Steve, off to google to hunt for that tesla statement!
The tesla motors club forum is very active so recommend jumping in there :slight_smile:



Basically same here. In pole position for M3P and awaiting call tomorrow am from George.
Paid deposit back in Sept2019, so nearly 6 months ago and still waiting. Missed out by 2 vehicles before Xmas, so very, very tiring. Tesla just seems pants at comms with Evezy, which makes no sense at all. You would expect a Tesla account manager to be handling Evezy, when they are placing large orders. Cars had better be available this month as a lot of Tesla forum talk of, if they miss March it will be June before next batch!

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Hey all,

So a good contact at another lease company has just told me that the communication they’ve had from Tesla UK stated that in terms of Model 3 performance, ONLY what shows in inventory on their site (none at all) is what’s going to be available until the next ship with performance model 3’s arrives late June.

Now…this is just what one chap has told me but Evezy have also said to another customer they’ve had a statement from Tesla but they didn’t disclose the details.

Can’t imagine why Tesla wouldn’t have made/shipped any performance M3’s this quarter but if true then we have at least another three months waiting for evezy or any other performance orders through other lease companies.

George from Evezy is going to call me back tomorrow and I’m going to ask him to share details of the tesla communication,. Will post back if I get anything more.


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If this is confirmed by George tomorrow, I’d seriously think about asking evezy if they can put you into something else while you wait. There may be a returned SR+ or even a new one. If they can’t fulfill your order in the next couple of months, they should offer you an alternative. They did this on Batch 1 when not enough M3Ps turned up. If I recall correctly, they offered LR AWDs instead.

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I was thinking Along the same Lines.

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People ahead of me in the queue and tbh I’m not sure I’d want an LR, I really really don’t like the aero wheels or the alloys beneath them so would probably just wait it out.

My real concern is that we get to June and Evezy are at the back of the queue and still don’t get enough cars.

Zen auto price is super attractive however they only do personal leases and I need to put through as a business lease otherwise I think I’d have jumped in with them. (Interestingly they think they have performance’s coming to them this month but how true that is who knows).

Genuinely feel for evezy and all the other companies dealing with the challenge that is Tesla communications and processes!

Still…it’s not like there’s any other car on the market that could tempt us!


Check out leasing.com too - you’ll find cheaper deals over zen.

No that easy though - each of the other cars have massive wait lists too.

I’m position 50+ in the sr+ and 20 for the m3p, I’d be annoyed if someone not on either wait list gets a bump in front of me because the car they wanted on another wait list is not available…

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@chamelion You make a good point. Going on as many waitlists as you can might be a short term solution. Ultimately though, until evezy can get a good enough supply to meet demand, this situation isn’t going to improve.

Q1 of the new fiscal year should see better availability, with lots of new EVs coming to market. Let’s hope the EU Emissions Fines will encourage Manufacturers to increase production of their electric models.

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