Upcoming Model 3 Deliveries

Probably one for @Lily_at_Evezy

There’s some great threads on the TMC forum tracking ships, and vin numbers and now a big stash of model 3s at the Southampton docks soon to be heading to new owners.

Where people order through tesla direct they get VINs that they can track.

Just wondered if you have been given any of your VINs yet for the next batch?

Not looking for you to share those with us (unless you can?! ) but be awesome to know if you do know that they’re coming and which ship they’re coming on just for the truly geeky amongst us keen to get even an ounce of info as our cars inch closer :slight_smile:

Any indication also on the leadtime from you receiving them to turn them around Ready for customers? I know you have a few things to do on the Bluetooth side of things etc.



Not sure Evezy will tell you anything about VIN’s etc. But the last shipment took weeks for Tesla logistics to get cars to Evezy and then you can expect several days to a week plus for Evezy to fit and test their hardware ready for collection or delivery.

If there are circa 1500 cars plus at Southampton, then logistics mean something like 7 or 8 cars per transporter. Suspect Tesla shift cars to there own centres first, then all the others. So something like 200 transporter loads to clear the port of cars. Maybe 20 transporters a day, so 10 days to clear. Or could be double that daily rate, so 5days to clear. Not seen any info to understand the number of transporters likely to be moving Tesla cars.

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cheers @burnt_crisps2 just keen for any info to keep me ‘fed’ with excitement lol

@Lily_at_Evezy anything you can share in terms of expectations your side?

Do you know which ships your cars are on for instance?

Naturally I took the ‘promise’ that your customer service chap made to me of a February delivery with the right pinch of salt but it’d still be good to know anything you can share :slight_smile:

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Hi @Noel! I don’t have much info about this at the moment, but I will check with the team to see if there is anything that we can share :+1:

Add yourself to the Model 3 Waitlist Positions thread :wink:

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Latest info on TMC forum… loads more M3’s heading to the U.K. Brooklands carries ~3,500 cars…

Model 3 Buyers

GLOVIS CHALLENGE was delayed several days but arrived Zeebrugge on 18 Feb. Still determining how vehicles will be forwarded to UK.
GRAND MARK looks likely to arrive Zeebrugge late on 22 Feb. This is a day later than originally hoped for.
BROOKLANDS left the Panama Canal earlier today and is showing an ETA of 01:00 on 1 Mar. This is ambitious and it may slip 24 hours. The ship was delayed for 2 days prior to the Panama Canal.
MORNING CARA en route to the Canal ETA 21 Feb. ETA EU ~ 5 Mar
ASIAN KING en route to the Canal ETA 24 Feb. ETA EU ~ 8 Mar
GLOVIS CAPTAIN docks at Pier 80 later tonight ETA EU ~ 13 Mar

MORNING CATHERINE Past form would tend to suggest it will go to the Far East but it could come to EU - no ETA yet but poss ~17 Mar.
I estimated back in early January that we would only get 7 ships this quarter. This is less than the 8 achieved last quarter but compensated to a degree by BROOKLANDS being so much larger than normal. If the rumours of a delay to shipping next quarter are true there may be a push to try and get another shipment done. The MORNING CATHERINE would be the 8th - an amazing achievement if it happens.

There is a suggestion that one ship, MORNING CARA or ASIAN KING, will route direct to Southampton. We won’t know that for sure until they leave the Panama Canal.

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@Lily_at_Evezy any joy?
Normal tesla customers are being told which ships their cars are on and they’re only buying one!
Surely with the amount you’re buying you can find out which ships some of yours are on?

Even just for those of us that your new customer service chap PROMISED february delivery too (don’t worry I didn’t believe him he was just being a bit over keen to please!)

Thanks as ever

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Hi Noel. Can’t remember if you currently drive an evezy vehicle or if the M3 will be your first one. Are you on any other waitlists or is it Model 3 or bust?

I’m new to Evezy. This will be my first one. M3P the only one for me!

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Will the MP3 be as well as, or instead of another vehicle in the household?

Would you consider another evezy EV while you wait?

Hey mate,
It’s replacing my 1 yr lease I’ve had on an A class. This will be my primary car, wife has a Volvo XC40 on the way replacing a Hyundai Tucson that goes back tomorrow.

So temporarily we’ll be a one car family just on the A class then the M3P (so long as it arrives by the 25th March otherwise I’ll have to extend the A class which will be deeply frustrating).

None of the other cars work for us from a range and performance perspective, I came at this wanting a Tesla and Evezy were the best way for me to get it, plus if I were to sign up for a SR+ or LR now I’d be paying more plus it’s the P I really want as I don’t like the Aeros! :slight_smile:


Have they got any ready to go?
I’d have one tomorrow but I am led to believe they have nothing in stock.

I was just wondering if @Noel had gone on the ZE50 waitlist to potentially get a Zoe to tide him over while he waits for his Tesla. I had to wait five months for my MP3, so I know what he’s going through. I did have a Zoe while I was waiting though.

@Pinky_Ponk did you join the ZE50 waitlist? You’ve set a deadline of May before giving up. Presumably you’ll use your Mini until you get your EV delivery, and then sell it.

Just had a look at the Volvo website. The XC 40 Hybrid looks nice. How much will you only use the electric motor. It’ll do about 30miles won’t it? Is that enough for your daily requirements?

Volvo we’ve gone for is not a hybrid, just 1.5 petrol. We’re not an all electric house, the Tesla will be the first EV for us.

Volvo was just a cracking deal on the lease at the time, best thing I could find to replace the Tucson.


Yes, we buy any car will take it off my hands when I go collect an Evezy vehicle.
I’ll just need a short taxi ride to the Evezy collection point to collect.


Friendly chap at evezy told me yesterday that an email is coming out to those that have paid a deposit with much more specific info on Monday.
Said March is still the case for me so we shall see what Monday brings!


Hi @Noel, it works slightly different for us as the orders we place with Tesla are relatively large. We will be keeping you updated on the waiting time with a monthly email. I wish I could share more info with you but that’s all I have for now. I will let you know if there is anything else I find out :slight_smile:

Evezy have to tread very delicately here, as they obviously want to maintain a good business relationship with Tesla.

I’m not in that position, so here’s my educated guess on what’s going on:

Evezy place a large order with Tesla.
Tesla daignes to accept it.
Evezy asks when their order will arrive.
“On the next ship”, says Tesla.
The next ship comes and goes, and the one after.
“Our Model 3s?”, asks evezy.
“You mean our Model 3s?”, retorts Tesla, “we’ll throw a few your way when we feel like it.”
“Yes Sir, thank you Sir, very much appreciated Sir!”

Anyone who thinks they can do any better, then set up a brokerage and you’ll make a fortune :wink:

If another manufacturer comes along with a product as good as Tesla’s, and a good supply of vehicles, evezy would drop Tesla like a hot potato. Tesla must give evezy a bigger headache than all their other suppliers put together.

(These are entirely my own views and evezy have not leaked any information to me. There is no mole at Tileyard. Me now being No1 in the ZE50 waitlist is entirely coincidental)


Hi @Lily_at_Evezy
Your team told me on Thursday I’d have a specific delivery info email on Friday

Then on Monday I was told absolutely definitely I’d have an email now this week.

I was number 7 on the list so your words about a ‘monthly’ email are a little concerning.

Was that general information or specific for me?