Unused mileage rollover loss - even when moving down a tier?

Hi @Dan_at_Onto , can you or one of your colleagues please explain to me the justification for not being able to roll over excess mileage from a Tier 2 Bolt-on purchased in one month to a Tier 1 vehicle acquired in the following month ? I purchased a Bolt-on last month in anticipation of a lengthy trip which had to be postponed for health reasons and I now find myself having to consider purchasing a further Bolt-on while ‘losing’ almost 750 miles purchased at a higher cost than is likely to be incurred.

I understand the argument that we subscribers are effectively signing a new contract each month. However, by not even allowing one month’s rollover when downsizing seems to go against the stated philosophy of encouraging drivers to minimise energy usage, etc ?

As it stands, I’m now seriously contemplating a brisk tour of the Highlands to get at least some benefit from last month’s outlay.

Your comments would be welcome.


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Hi @Davy_Broni

The reason for the mileage not rolling over between tiers and being different prices is based on multiple factors such as depreciation of the vehicle and fair usage (and many others) which varies a lot if we compare the likes of a Peugeot to an E-Tron.

I believe this is something our teams are reviewing currently as we can completely understand why them not rolling over can cause issues.

Let me tag @Hena_at_Onto to reach out to you tomorrow and discuss this further and we will see what can be done to try and remedy the situation you’ve been placed in.

I’ll also monitor this and see if we can find a solution!



I could imagine this is could be a problem when moving up tiers, but when moving down I can’t see this issue being an issue as much :man_shrugging:t2:


Many thanks, @Dan_at_Onto - I’ll await developments.


@Apriliamgt This is why we’re reviewing this as the vehicle tiers mean there’s a big price difference between a lot of our cars and we’re looking at how we can make this better going forward.

@Davy_Broni Just spoken to Hena and asked her to contact you, she’s going to reach out soon :slight_smile:



Yes, @Dan_at_Onto , Hena has already been in touch and once again, I am delighted at the speed & responsiveness of Onto’s customer service operations. Thanks again ! Davy