Understanding charging speeds

How come my zeddy app is telling me that my charging speed is 10.3 kW when plugged into my granny charger?

My understanding is that granny chargers charge at between 2 and 3 kW, home wall boxes and some public chargers at 7kw. Fast AC chargers at 22kW or 46kW then the rapids at 50kW + DC. Am I understanding it all wrong or is the speed shown in app something different to what I’m thinking?

Granny chargers are usually 10 amps so you’ll get about 2.4kW. Zoes are notoriously inefficient at that level so with losses you’re probably only putting about 1.8kW into the battery.

Thanks for the reply. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Any idea why the zeddy app says I’m charging at a speed of 10.3 kW? This is what confused me :crazy_face:

I’ve no experience with that app, so couldn’t tell you. I do wonder where it gets the data from and how reliable it is.

I also wondered this. As far as I’m aware it connects to the my Renault app and gets its data from there. It seems fairly accurate when using faster chargers, I notice the estimated time to full charge is in line with what the car says but perhaps as it’s such a low speed on granny charger that it confuses the app.
I don’t generally use the granny charger but have a long journey tomorrow and a few smaller runs to do this evening so I thought I’d top up to full with my granny charger this afternoon so I’m close to full for leaving in the morning and I thought I would let it balance the cells of the battery too as I usually do my charging on my local ionity chargers and so I haven’t actually charged it to 100% yet.

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Check out Zap-Map for any local public AC posts that you might be able to use when you’re out and about. You might be able to incorporate a fortnightly battery balance into your normal routine if there are some strategically placed destination chargers in your area. I’m lucky to have one opposite my house!

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I’ve had this with Zeddy on a 7kW post saying it was charging at 80kW. I tend to just ignore it when it does that. I think the developer added a message about that on their github page, it’s something to do with how the car reports it. I think.

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Thanks for the reply. I thought it might be a problem with the app but just wanted to check that I wasn’t understanding the whole charge speed thing wrong with being new to the EV game :blush:

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