UK charging infrastructure to receive needed ZEST :)

UK charging infrastructure to receive needed ZEST :slight_smile:


Yea I read this this morning too - but I feel like it’ll just be another charging network- can’t see the difference

More charging options can only be a good thing, but it does make me grind my teeth slightly every time I see more divergence than convergence in the charging infrastructure.

The cynic in me wonders whether these new upstarts genuinely have a passion for EVs and a vision for becoming the next big thing, or whether they are generic moneymaking enterprises whose eyes have lit up at the discovery of the latest government grant scheme and the prospect of milking it until it runs out before moving on to the next thing. I certainly wouldn’t trust the government to recognise the difference between the two.

ETA: A headline I’d like to wake up to is “Instavolt to take over BP Pulse network and regenerate over the next 12 months” :smiley:


That would be the dream, would be nice for them to even bother fixing their slow chargers, not even asking for a revamp lol


There’s much I don’t understand about business and competition, but there is a part of me that wonders whether these grants would be better placed with an existing organisation with an exemplary track record in providing dependable charging solutions - rather than a startup with a plan on paper.

Surely a lot of that grant will go on re-inventing the wheel, allowing the startup to build the same internal processes, procedures and supplier relationships that an existing provider would already have? Minus the benefits of discounts an existing provider would almost certainly have negotiated with its suppliers.

I’m always happy to be educated!

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As soon as ‘grants’ are mentioned then it attracts the corporate vultures doing a money grab.

Customer Service low on the list and will be a bare minimum just to ensure they continue to get the grant.

Any complaints will be standard response … lesson will be learned or there is a training need


I get your comment is mostly in jest, but I very highly doubt anyone is going to take over the BP Network, especially an already known operator.

Considering how unreliable the BP Pulse network is, nobody will want that negative customer image, and nobody will want to spend all that time fixing their plethora of broken chargers.