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Just waiting on delivery :sweat_smile: thought I’d post a few suggestions relating to UI and user experience.

Direct Debit - Allow DD payments. Stripe, who you use for card payments does allow merchants to offer DD as a payment type. This would help with below suggestion on future payment dates.

Coming payment due dates - I’ve paid the initial 50% and the remaining will be 7 days before delivery. I can work this date out, but it would be nice to see, to confirm.

Collect now button - as above I’m currently waiting for the remaining balance to be collected, but I’d rather get this out the way and pay now. I’ve chatted to CS and they don’t have the option either. A button in my account would be perfect, or at least allow CS to process the payment.

Book a car in the app, see same info as in website (sure it’s been said, so another bump from me)

Thanks :slight_smile:


DD’s can get returned, doing it via card they can pre auth and know you have funds prior to collection of monies and if not then chase you.

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When you say returned, do you mean the payee claiming indemnity or so you mean a failed payment? Either way same risk with card payments. :man_shrugging:

I would say both…

This has been discussed to death previously :slight_smile:

Remember this is a long term hire not a lease… and I understand why they prefer CC or DC’s to Direct Debit, as its it a bit easier to administer and tie to an account, where as there is more admin to a Direct Debit, and although stripe do Direct Debits, it would need a whole new back end process and reconciliation…


Let’s just ignore the fact I mentioned DD shall we?


Nah… :stuck_out_tongue:

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:sweat_smile: haha you’re right discusses your death and I get why they don’t offer it, but for me it was just about choice and knowing when money will be taken from my account. I guess after the first month it will always be the same day, so will all be good in the end.

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