Tyre Cover & I4CH

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I am facing with a potential tyre issue (appointment arranged with local garage) if I will proceed with a fix/repair and which will occur a cost (if the liability is with the driver and it is not a tyre manufacturing issue or so) how do I claim back from I4CH and do I need to do specific steps and any other member with similar example/case to follow the guidance to make sure I will get my claim approved for tyre damage?

Is this something that OntO have arranged for you? or have you done it off your own back? The reason I ask is that all repairs need to be notified to OntO and Driverline will arrange it all, including paying the company. (As remember your car is a hire car and you don’t own it ).

Then you will need to wait until OntO take payment for the tyre repair and issue the invoice and receipt, and then at that point you can claim back from I4CH.

Also have a search using I4CH and there are lots of threads on claims


I believe the T&Cs state you can change and pay for new tyres yourself, but they must meet or exceed the original spec of tyres fitted.

That being said I imagine going down this route means you cannot claim back from I4CH as you’ll not have an excess to pay

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I would still be telling OntO, as they can be aware of any issue, and don’t end up with a car with 4 different tyres :stuck_out_tongue:

But I agree if you do it yourself, then you don’t have anything to claim back as you haven’t claimed so no excess is due.

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I4CH paid out for my tyre which I had to arrange myself as Elmo don’t do this. Sent in all my documentation and all I4CH wanted was a short letter from Elmo saying that paying for the tyre is up to me - so showing I4CH the T&Cs might suffice in this case.

Paid me a few days later, no problem.


After discussing with Onto looks that they don’t cover through the excess any tyre related damage unless I am not correct though as they arrange the appointment only for me…Do Onto/Driverline pay and they bill me late?

@mozzauk I am not doing it myself looks I have an issue with 2 of my tyres as I am getting the low tyre pressure warning and not sure why and I notice some pressure loss on the tyres which I escalated to Onto and they arrange an appointment for me to a local garage but they didn’t mention anything that they will pay everything initially

I4CH states The Policy also provides cover for the cost of repair of Damage
to the windows, tyres, wheels, headlights, undercarriage and roof of the Rental Vehicle if cover is not provided
for these under the collision damage waiver cover provided by the Car Rental Company

so I reckon it will cover a claim accordingly am I right based on this?

I need to ask them to remove the magnets that these tyre manufacturers seemingly attach to new tyres :roll_eyes::joy::see_no_evil:

ÂŁ156 for a new Primacy 4 shoe, courtesy of I4CH when the paperwork comes through from ONTO


@Kev what did you had to provide to I4CH to submit your claim as I changed today my 2 tyres and will need to claim soon as well…Did you had to return/swap the car or no issues from I4CH?

I haven’t had the bill yet, but once I do, I pay it and send the invoice and receipt to I4CH and they’ll reimburse me.

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I needed to send off the top of my head:

I4CH insurance certificate
Damage invoice
Proof of paying from a bank statement
Completed claim form
Hire agreement for the appropriate period


Wow I’ve never heard of an insurance company that required that. Do they send it back if you include a SAE?


Also if I claim for my current car for tyre damage form I4CH and then I have another tyre damage in 1 month’s time has anyone faced (or you think I might face) any issue with I4CH for keeping the same car or as long as our hire agreement is for 1 month we are ok with their policy for claims?

I think @E7EV recently had two insurance claims in a row for two instances of the same damage to the same car and don’t recall them mentioning any issues with the claims they submitted.

If you want to put it to the test though, just let me know where you live and I’ll be happy to drop a pack of nails on your road!


Often wondered the same thing. Never seen it stipulated that vehicle has to be returned to base between hire periods. Many Car Rental companies offer monthly rental. You normally return it each time for an inspection and often complimentary wash and vac, but drive away in the same vehicle.

It’s an annual policy with no limits on the number of claims apart from a cap of £6500 per year. So multiple claims on the same vehicle shouldn’t be an issue. Obviously with so many ONTO subscribers starting to use them, they may review this.

Disclaimer: Nothing I’ve posted should be used to make any decisions. Always check the company’s terms and conditions yourself.


:sweat_smile: Interesting idea for testing @Koda

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@E7EV Very useful and makes all sense I reckon but was wondering to check with the community on this just in case…

Since our Onto contracts are monthly we are eligible for the i4CH policy until they review it of course as you mention.


Looks like @Koda and I posted at exactly the same time so I’ve only just seen their post.

I have not had the second lot of damage repaired yet. Didn’t want to, in view of the fact that the second damage was done on the evening of the car returning after the first repair. I assume it was malicious because they hadn’t damaged the courtesy car or any other in the street.

When it’s returned to ONTO they can repair it and hopefully the culprit won’t take a dislike to my next vehicle.


Ah, didn’t realise you didn’t get a second repair done in the end. Makes sense though.

Should I assume your next car will be a boring black/white/gray, rather than bright yellow to hopefully avoid the unwanted attention?