Type 2 cable recall

@Lily_at_Onto. I had notification on the car last week of a cable recall, I tried to get this done but failed as BMW do a ‘key read’ to process the warranty claim so wouldnt proceed. I am inclined to leave this as a job for onto when I hand the car back.

Hi @gt6k, if you could give us a call at 0800 030 6840 we can book it in for you and then when the booking is made we can ensure the key is ready! :slight_smile:

Which cable is this? Type 2 to Type 2 cable for public charging or the 3 pin plug home charging cable (as there was a recall on the latter last year)?

I think it is the same thing except they are now replacing the cables rather than just putting an extra warning label on it.

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I’ve got the same recall on my Jan 20 i3.
I’ll have to leave it until covid is over or I’m vaccinated as I’m high risk, another reason I’m not swapping cars.
I don’t use the cable anyway as I only public charge.

I had my 3 pin plug changed for my 225xe hybrid they don’t need a key all they need you to do is, drop of lead and swop and that’s what halliwellz Jones my dealer did

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Which Halliwell Jones was this please? I’m close to Southport one

Llandudno junction is a lovely 40 miles away lol

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Thanks, Southport H&J wanted the car for 2days :flushed:


Lol hilarious to swop a lead all it is that the plug end is to thick so it doesn’t sit on plug sockets properly

Halliwell jones chester needed mine for 1/2 a day

Just tell them you haven’t got the key and could they do it while you wait. Probably only take them 10 minutes.


Honestly it’s a straight swop call bmw customer services tell th what dealer are saying and they will sort it ridiculous it’s a charging lead it doesn’t need car plugging in etc ridiculous really mine was swopped in under 5 minutes


The physical swap isn’t the problem it is the paperwork or rather the computer data. They need proof that they have done the job to get paid and plugging the key in gives the proof. Mine’s booked in Tuesday. They either have it in for an hour, look over the car and wash it or 10 mins just to do the swap. I’m just having th10 mins.


All done but North Oxford BMW really need to get their act together. Despite this being arranged by ONTO (who had cleared this all up and didn’t need to send a key) I had the whole rigmarole again of ‘we can’t do this without a key’. Only when I got stroppy with them did they have a proper check with the warranty department and decide that all they really needed was a photo of the car’s registration and mileage. I am in the market to buy an I3 at the moment and I can tell you which garage is not going to be getting my business.

Anyway any excuse for a novel drive out is worth at the moment so not a total waste of time.


Yep I knew that would be case same as mine lol

Make sure you join the Facebook BMW i3 owners group, dealers post special group discounts for members only!

If your after a used i3 I highly recommend Wisley motors, Arthur Kaminski 2 of my family members have now bought lovely i3’s off him.
I’m sticking with ONTO as due to my mileage and insurance it works out cheaper for me with ONTO!


Thanks @Pinky_Ponk I am already in the FB group and I will keep an eye on Wiseleys stock.

I have the recall showing for mine but since I’m never going to use the granny charger, I was going to let on.to sort it once it goes back one day. Are there only certain dealerships that on.to use or will they sort it at a local one since presumably it’s just swapping a cable? I will call them to ask of course but thought I would check here too.

got it sorted - sorry to cross- post - good experience to get it all sorted in 15 mins for me Recall - what to do