Trade in vehicle due to maximum miles or age!

I am currently driving and Hyundai ioniq 69 plate which is currently at 17,000 miles on the clock. my contract states the vehicle is hired by onto will be under 2 years of age or a maximum of 24000. Does anyone know what would happen when I hit the maximum mileage of the vehicle?

I was wondering this when I saw it in the contract I’m guessing this is the point where onto have to exchange the vehicle for you with a newer one but not completely sure 🤷

Also what happens if they discontinue your vehicle?

If they discontinue your vehicle you’ll presumably have to pick an alternative. With the Ioniq situation right now I am not totally sure they will be getting any more, and if they do it would have to be a larger battery model which would cost you more no doubt. That’s the downside to a flexible 30 day contract. Just like you can keep it for only a month, Onto are within their rights to take it back after just a month and leave you needing to pick something else for a different price.

They haven’t discountinued many cars. Only the 94Ah BMW i3 comes to mind and that was very quietly phased out. I don’t think I have seen anyone mention anything about it, so I hope that this means Onto offer reasonable solutions to people in such a situation going by the fact that I’ve seen no complaints.

About four months ago @KingMing had a 94Ah and was paying £369 for it on the legacy tariff. Not had any news from him recently so not sure if he’s still got it.

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Someone on the Facebook group was contacted by them last month. He has to return his 94Ah i3 in January. They gave him three options:

  • Free swap into the 120Ah version for £469 a month with a £150 discount spread over 3 months.
  • Free swap into the ZE50 GT Line for £419 a month with the same £150 discount spread over 3 months, and a free one week trial of the Zoe, or
  • free collection of the i3 if he doesn’t want another car.

Does anyone know if the vehicle gets taken back at 24000 miles?

That’s a big jump from £369 to £469 even with a £150 softener. I’m sure ONTO said they wouldn’t force people to leave the legacy tariff as long as they didn’t hand that vehicle back. In this case it’s ONTO taking the car back. Doesn’t bode well for all those with a Zoe ZE40 still paying £289 a month.


I feel like the ioniq deal is at the top due to the size of the car and price. Just hopefully they get a replacement for the same price and size.

Hi. Thanks for remembering me.

Actually, I was mistaken, I was paying £359 a month not £369.

However, this month they are trying to make me sign for £429, without warning and I need to accept it or lose access to the car.

I called their support line to enquire about this sudden price increase without warning (perhaps it’s a mistake?) But they haven’t got back to me yet. To be honest, their service is really bad nowadays.

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It is a mistake. Most people have been able to call up and get it rectified more or less straight away and still haven’t announced any changes to pricing for any existing subscribers. Give them another poke soon if you don’t hear back.

So that’s for an i3 94Ah? How old is it now? I’ve heard of some M3 users on the legacy tariff being charged the current tariff, but apparently it’s a mistake. Hopefully this is the same for you.

I hope so. Three days in, still no call back from them. What has happened to Evezy’s previous good customer service?

Yes 94ah. 18 plate. Not sure of the date of registration.

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This website will tell you if you’re interested to know. But by the sounds of it, if it’s an 18 plate it’s probably going to be leaving the ONTO Fleet sooner rather than later.

In April 2020 @Rob_Evezy explicitly said multiple times they would not force customers in to other vehicles or tariffs.


I just check my onto app again. They’ve fixed it. £429 changed back to £359 as I signed up to.

Would have been nice if they’d have replied to my email or called me but, at least it’s fixed.