Toyota BZ - Full electric range

I’ll be interested in what Toyota has to offer when they release their full EV’s. I ran a Toyota Avensis for a few years when my kids were small and I needed the space for all of their paraphernalia, it was by far the most reliable of all the cars I’ve had over the years. Of course, that’s not to say that their EV’s will be the same as it’s all completely different mechanics but I do like Toyota as a brand.

Quite baffling how they were so far ahead with the Prius but were overtaken by everyone else without releasing a full EV.

They’re almost like the Nokia of car manufacturers.


I agree, I thought they would have been much quicker out of the gates with their EV offerings.

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Perhaps they’re taking a calculated risk. If they do as the other car manufacturers, they’ll just keep their head above water.

If they spot and invest in an alternative technology that ends up being superior, they’ll wipe the floor with all the others and dominate the world :wink:


Very true and to be honest Toyota are probably one of the most likely candidates to do that.

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You make a good point there…I didn’t think about it from that angle.

Reading the info on their link above I see that they have been working with Subaru on the BZ4X concept. Looking at the car itself it reminds me a lot of the KIA EV6 on the exterior. The interior with the open instrument binnacle and the yolk steering wheel I’m not too sure about. Whether or not that makes it to the production vehicle is another matter though.

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