[TOTALLY OFF TOPIC] Why are EV Owners so bloody tight?

I daren’t post this on other “EV Forums” but has anyone else noticed how bloody tight some “EV Owners” are?

I regularly do our weekly shop at ASDA near Sheffield, they have free EV charging (and no ANPR Time Limits), and I frequently charge up @7kw/h while doing the shop, max of 10kW if I’ve got the wife with me.

I’ve noticed a regular trend of Teslas (two with customised plates) and even a iPace sat on the charger for days on end. Last week I pulled up and the I Pace on the same unit had taken over 100kW, so left the vehicle over 14 hours… Surely if you can afford a £80k+ iPace, the 15p kWh for fuel is not an issue, but there is a regular crowd at night charging up (eNV2000, Tesla and iPace) every night, not accompanied, taking a huge overnight charge at the expense of either Polar or ASDA.

Is it only me that has noticed this emerging habit? I even know of at least 2 EV drivers that use illegal devices that force the Ecotricity into free-vend!

I don’t care where I charge, as ONTO pays… but IF I did pay, and I owned the EV, it would be cheaper than Derv/Petrol, and I’d just plug in overnight at 15 to 5p or so per kWh.

I get the feeling the “Freeloaders” are going to remove all the “convenient” charge spots?


“The more money you have, the less you want to spend” is a known human behaviour. Also, getting “free” electrons (or rather at no charge to you, but someone’s obviously paying for them) somehow justifies the huge outlay you made on the vehicle. A bit of man maths I think.

Around my way it’s electric Mini Cabs that hog the free or cheap chargers. They obviously benefit greatly from that because they do high mileage and usually rent the vehicles, but fuel then comes out of their pocket, or not as in this case.


But people charging over 100kWh on a supermarket charger is probably going to result in them being withdrawn. They are intended as an incentive to use said supermarket.

I have noticed it here also the only free rapid charger locally, is the only one that’s busy. Usually with tesla, bmw or porsche evs.


Better to put time restrictions. I have, for example, seen chargers that shut off when the venue closes.

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You’ll never stop people abusing these free services it’s human nature I love using the tesco one it means my 25 miles trip is essentially free but it’s a pain when people abuse it