Tone of Voice again, and rambling email

@Adam_at_Onto @Raheel_at_Onto

Yet again, the tone of voice and basically rambling in an email such as the one below, just seems to be designed to confuse matter, as this was a puncture… why not attach a PDF to the email and not just a email with nothing on but then get a link to Stripe demanding payment…


Just to add this has been resolved quickly and efficiently by Ash in the Maintenance team, and sounds like the supplier got things wrong… so removing the tag of dan…

I think Adam said that they were looking to review, update or replace the vast majority of these impersonal, poorly-assembled communications.

The words “We will replace tyre’s” suggests nobody proof-read it!

The timescales are definitely not ideal though. I sent my ID.3 back a couple of months ago and haven’t heard anything back. I could be forgiven for assuming that the car had been accepted with no issues (I shouild hope so, it was spotless!) but seeing as communication of issues can be received many months later means it’s difficult ever to be completely confident that there isn’t an unexpected bill round the corner.

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If that was our external comms or customer services they would be getting a ticking off.

3 months is excessive and beats Hertz and Avis for very late billing… and may be against BVRLA rules…

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Thanks for flagging @mozzauk we did do a review of our email templates and the majority have been updated. On this one it looks like we haven’t so thanks for flagging. Glad that Ash was able to resolve quickly for you.


@mozzauk I’m glad this got sorted for you.

I saw the post yesterday and requested someone from our maintenance team contact you to resolve. Glad to see this happened.

As Adam mentioned, we will pick up on the above internally and fix this going forward


Thanks @Dan_at_Onto

Think it was a vendor trying a fast one :slight_smile: and definitely not one anyone would have picked up on, unless queried…

So pass on my thanks to Ash…

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Speaking of templates, I received a survey from Onto this morning. So when do I find out if I’ve won a free month? Or is the good luck meaning good luck finding out if you’ve won :joy:

Thanks for flagging @Janso. I have provided this feedback to our marketing team and will get a date/time when the lucky winner will be announced.


I would expect 5th or 6th July… but isnt mentioned anywhere…

@Adam_at_Onto / @Dan_at_Onto did you ever find out what “have been worn within manufacturers timelines, and not from excessive acceleration or braking.” actually means? I’ve looked on a few occasions to see if there is a “Manufacturers lifespan” but couldn’t find anything and I forgot to raise it - but what is the official definition of manufacturers timelines, when they don’t seem to be publicly available (if they even exist)

Tyre wear, as I’m sure you’re aware, can be affected by a huge list of items, not just acceleration / braking.

Hi @Kev

It can differ from tyre to tyre however what is meant is that the tyre has come to the end of its life within the expected life of the tyre. With a lot of tyres this is a certain amount of miles.

If the tread on the tyre is worn down after the expected amount of use we will replace this free of charge, however if it requires replacing after 1,000 miles for example this could be viewed as evidence of harsh acceleration or braking or using the vehicle negligently.

I hope this clears it up


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Do us with Kona’s get special treatment as wheel spinning is just a normal part of pulling out at a junction :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


@GaRic448 as someone who previously had a Kona, I will try my best to make sure the first 12 tyres are free for you :joy:


@Janso Confirmed with marketing that the announcement date will be 5th July. Thanks again for flagging.


Did I miss the announcement?

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I’m checking for you @Janso

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Did you get anywhere with this? I appreciate it was just a competition so nothing major but it doesn’t seem as though it was particularly well-run and still no word on the outcome.

I’m still waiting the answer from marketing @Janso as soon as I know I’ll let you know. Sorry for the delay.

Hey Janso,

Apologies for the delay. We had some unexpected illnesses in the team (when are they ever expected?!) this past week. But we’ve now reached out to the winner by email to let them know.

Best wishes,


My next complaint is that it isn’t me. :joy:

Fair enough, a good way to incentivise providing customer feedback though. Are there any plans to run similar in the future?

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