To Scotland and back

Well I’m very happy that my experience to Scotland was a very positive one. Driving from Near Manchester to Ayr, with just 1 X 45 min CCS charge at Todhills. My overall experience in Scotland was that the charging network is much better than England, charge points everywhere and almost always free and every single one I needed was always fully working. Most charge points that I came across for free were 22kwh ones, yesterday went to Loch Lomand in the middle of nowhere and charged the car for free !!

Driving home today and stopped at 2 services with 30 mins CCS charges both working fine ! Could have managed with 1 stop but wanted some surplus charge for when home.

It’s been fantastic and has reassured me that long journeys with EV’s is nothing to fear. Got home to my Polar card also so bonus !!


Excellent, just what everyone needs to be hearing.


I’ve got the copyright on “To xxx And Back”. Please avoid using this thread title when you make future trips!



No shameless copying took place in this thread title :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well they say that “Imitation is the best form of flattery” :innocent:


I too am going to be making Manchester to Scotland(Aberdeen) trip. For CYC Scotland, did you just need the app or will the polar card work too?

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Polar Card will not work. Use the CYC App, or if you have time, you can get a RFID card from ChargePlace Scotland. Visit their website for more information. The card can be useful if you are going to places where the mobile signal is likely to be weak.

Which EV will you be using?

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It’s worth noting that the Polar card will unofficially work at the new CPS Ultracharge units, as well as a few others that were incorrectly configured. They are very much the exception rather than the rule, but worth a try if you don’t manage to get the CPS Card in time.

The CYC App is frankly terrible. And that’s before we get on to the potential issues with phone signal or offline units that don’t show up in the app anymore and can only be accessed with the card.

I Thoroughly recommend that you get the RFID Card if you have more than a week before you set off on your trip. It’s £20 for a year and well worth it. Even if you’re only going up to Scotland once, it can still be handy to have as any old CYC units in England that are offline and don’t show up in the app won’t work with your Polar card either, but they will work with the Chargeplace Scotland card, giving you more options in England too.


Is there a way of finding the location of these units before going?

The charger ID number will be a high number since it will be a new installation. But the only way to be sure is just look around on Zap Map at the photos. As for the other chargers it seems to be the Efacec ones. There aren’t too many of them on the CPS network but the few that are there were just configured as CYC Units so will take a Polar card. Again no way of telling without either just knowing the routes or checking Zap Map photos I’m afraid.

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I just used the CYC app and had no problems at every unit I visited, I wouldn’t say the app is terrible, my experience is that it works fine, perhaps having the RFID card would be good but for me it wasn’t an issue not having it.


Agree. When I did the North Coast 500 in a Model S, I only had one issue where mobile signal was poor. I had to set the charger and car up, then run up a hill to start the charge. All before it timed out! So ended up taking a couple of runs!


My experience is that the CYC App tends to lose communications and you end up with charge sessions that are stuck in an ongoing state and cannot be ended. When using an AC Post this is a big problem as you end up having to call, hope they answer and will remotely release your cable it or reboot the charge post to hope that you can reconnect again at that point. It also likes to show locations that had been removed years ago as available, and newer chargers don’t always show up. Sometimes it will randomly insist it’s no longer available even when you’re standing there looking at a working charger.

I Suppose for a short term usage like yours for a little trip away isn’t so bad. But for me who has to use CYC and CPS multiple times a week it gets old very quickly and the reliability of their RFID Card is essential. I always recommend the card to anyone who asks because it’s worth the £20 to avoid the potential hassle that I used to deal with on a regular basis.


I’ll be taking the Zoe ZE50 Iconic.

I didn’t know chargeplacescotland and chargeyourcar are the same. I tried signing up and it said I was already registered. I then logged in but the button for purchasing a card is disabled, even though I have payment details registered. I’ll give them a word and see if I can get it sorted in time for my trip.

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I’ve had some issues with the CYC app. I mean it’s basically a website wrapped up, so I’m not expecting much. Biggest issue is it keeps warning me my account is locked but I can still login and charge a car, just annoyance really.
Hopefully if I get a card then that will solve that.

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So Manchester to Aberdeen looks like taking 6 hours. Personally I’d stop twice, splitting the journey into three 2 hour sections. If you want to avoid paying, then you’re reliant on Polar, CYC or CPS. Most of the locations for the first part of the journey are single units. If they don’t work, or someone else is using them, this creates an issue. So stopping early means you’ve still got plenty of range to move on to another changer if need be.

My first stop would be Toby Carvery Carlisle. Polar Ultracharger. About 120 miles. If you start with 100%, you should arrive with 40% SoC. Leave home early and have your breakfast there! After a 30 minute charge you should leave with 80% or so. Plan B is a Polar at Gretna Green, just 10 miles further up the road (Not working at the moment, but hopefully fixed soon). Plan C is Abington, a CPS rapid 180 miles and three hours from Manchester. You’d be arriving there with about 10% though!

Was using Zap Map to already plan this (even though this is weeks away, I know sad).

So it could be done in one trip but leaving little at the end but I guess not too much of an issue as can destination charge. We are leaving in the evening 6-ish to arrive around midnight, but now realising with “slow” charge times and rush hour it could be 2am? I still have yet to get 50kW on CCD for the ZE50 BTW.

Will be monitoring the charge points as we head down, so hopefully can use the rest as backups if the first one is occupied.

What, Manchester to Aberdeen?

Planning is more fun than the trip! Hence why I can’t help planning other people’s trips as well. I’ll leave you too it! Don’t want to spoil your fun :wink:

You and everyone else! Best you’ll get is 45kW and that won’t last very long.

This is a good video to use to calculate how long it will take to get from x% to y% SoC.

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