Timing of contract signing and pre-auth

I wondered if someone here can clarify a time line for me.

My renewal date is the 10th of each month. I’ve had an email today asking me to sign next month’s contract, which says, “A pre-authorisation payment will be taken once you have signed the hire agreement, up to 7 days in advance.” (Onto’s emphasis, not mine.)

To me, that could mean either:

  • we’ll do the pre-auth between the time you sign your contract and 7 days before renewal, or…
  • sign your contract now, and we’ll do the pre-auth not more than 7 days prior to your renewal.

I’m pretty sure what Onto meant was the second of those two alternatives… would others agree?



The PreAuth is done 7 days before the date of renewal so for you it would be the 3rd of the Month…

I think they are missing a couple of words of renewal

@Adam_at_Onto think this line needs to be updated as its a bit ambiguous :slight_smile:


Thanks @mozzauk - I was pretty sure that was the case but just wanted someone else to agree with me to be sure I wasn’t misunderstanding :slight_smile:

And yeah, agreed, the wording probably does want tweaking.

Thanks for flagging @jackmanclose as @mozzauk states the pre auth is done 7 days before the date of renewal but you need to ensure that you have signed your hire agreement.

I’ll flag to get the wording updated to be clearer.


@jackmanclose Dan here!

We issue your Hire agreement part way through the month, then once it’s been signed we Pre authorise funds from your bank 7 days before your renewal payment. So even if you sign 2 weeks before renewal, the funds wont be pre auth’d until 7 days beforehand.

I’ve picked up on @Adam_at_Onto message above and I’ll update our internal systems to ensure that these emails are clearer going forward and I’ll remove any confusing wording

Thanks for flagging!


Hey all

Just an FYI following on from this. I’m having the automated email wording updated as we speak so this is more clear in future. Once done this will now read "After you’ve signed your new Hire agreement, we will then attempt a pre authorisation 7 days before your renewal date"

Thanks again for flagging, just wanted to make you all aware it was being sorted :slight_smile:



Thanks @Dan_at_Onto - it’s really good to see Onto taking this kind of feedback on board and making changes so quickly :slight_smile:


@jackmanclose Of course my friend! You guys have an impact on more than you might realise! :slight_smile:


We listen and learn @jackmanclose this community and your feedback is one of the ways we do that. Always appreciated (the good, the bad and the ugly).


As I read it, I have until the 15/09 to sign my new hire hire agreement, then preauthorisation is activated. So if I left it until the deadline the preauthorisation will be 3 days in advance?


Not sure I would leave it till the last minute if I am keeping the car on a monthly basis, but yes it says pre-auth upto 7 days in advance. 3 days is I suspect the minimum.

For those that are long term subscribers they just check the Hire Agreement, ‘don’t prompt me each month’ (in your account settings) and it will auto renew.


Oddly, I let the system prompt me so that I can consider it each month?! :thinking: I have some comfort (is it some form of OCD?) in seeing the system working each month. I only take a millisecond or two while I wonder whether I should swap… :rofl:

Although I probably cannot be described as “long term” yet - it’s only been 10 months. 12 since I made the decision and signed and then it was about 8 weeks until first delivery…

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I do this, there’s only realistically an ID.3 at the moment I think I’d swap into which is rarely in stock round here anyway but I always like to have a quick look before I commit again. :joy:


Hey @Dan_at_Onto @Adam_at_Onto - so, as expected, the system took a pre-auth on the 3rd, before my renewal date of 10th.

Being a pre-auth, the money subsequently was returned to my account.

This morning, I noticed I’d received a receipt for my payment. I assumed that all had gone through. But, when I got home tonight I found no money’s actually been taken from my account.

I’ve checked the receipt and it shows this…

I’ll email CS separately to sort out the payment issue.

More generally though - while I obviously wouldn’t mind getting a free car for a month! - I wanted to raise this because it’s another issue with the pre-auth/billing system not working as expected. Or, at least, not working how I’d have expected.


This isn’t onto, but a quirk of the banking system, as the bank are dropping the payment from your pending transactions, yet the authorisation code is still valid…

It usually corrects itself within a couple of days, when the transaction completes at your bank…

This happens a lot with tech pre orders as well…

I wouldn’t panic, until a week after the 10th …


Yes I concur. This happened to me.:older_man:

Pretty sure that’s what seems to happen to me too….(a Visa card)

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I wouldn’t panic, happens to me as well… though usually reappears the next day (could be banking day with some banks possibly)

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@Dan_at_Onto while looking at issues around the agreement signing process - I keep getting nagged in app (while checking mileage) to sign for next month - but I have a collection arranged for my renewal date.

I have clarified with live chat support that I am ok to disregard, but it’s annoying and could worry those who are returning vehicles.

The payment will be taken a day or two later, there is no need to contact ONTO - I don’t know why they are using 7 day pre-auths when many financial institutions make them “drop off” after 7 days and when they are later claimed can cause financial issues. Similar occurrences have happened with me in the past using Zilch and Curve.

I suggest that ONTO reduces the “Pre-auth” time to a more sensible 5 days so the payments don’t drop off peoples account and cause no end of confusion.

Hi @Kev

Regarding the first part of your above post, you should now no longer be having the prompt appear within your app. If it is still coming up, please do let me know.