Tier 3 cars now bookable from 25 years old!

You spoke, we listened! The age restriction for Tier 3 cars is changing: you can now book these cars from 25 years old. Here are the Tier 3 cars so far:

And more to come :wink:

Please note the age restriction for Tier 4 cars still remains, you will have to be over 30 years old to book these cars.


Dammit! Wish this announcement came sooner when there was still that new batch of M3’s in stock in my area :frowning:

I’ll be eagerly refreshing the booking page waiting for more to show available.

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Is there a list of tiers anywhere ?


How about dropping tier 1 to 21? I know quite a few younger drivers desperate to get on board.

I guess the issue with that will be affordability of the £1000 excess in the more likely event of an issue.

Not suggesting 21 year olds are bad drivers but its a huge chunk of change if it were to happen.


Unfortunately the younger the driver the worse the insurance risk, men especially, so it’s unlikely to happen and if it did then the subscription costs would go up by quite a large factor. The insurance company dictates the age limit, not ONTO.


Ask the insurance companies, a lot of old school hire companies wont touch drivers under 25 e.g Enterprise / Hertz

Sixt will but charge a surcharge at 21 of £50 per day extra…

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Even at 27 I’m still waiting for my insurance prices to drop. My cheapest quotes are still in the region of £2000 a year despite my squeaky clean driving history.

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It took me till this year and I’m 42 for my insurance to drop to under £50 a month… No idea why…

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I remember those days!

Talking of insurance, I was wondering recently… assuming one’s time with ONTO is claim-free, do we know if they’ll provide proof of no-claims should you ever need when applying for car insurance elsewhere?

After driving company cars / pool cars, and basing it on the firm i work for, the fleet company wouldn’t provide one, and the insurers at the time wouldn’t accept one, as I didn’t own the car that was insured…

Not sure if things have changed?

Onto may be able to give you a letter that says you had a car from them for X months and made no insurance claims. But this wouldn’t be a no claims certificate and would simply be to verify driving experience. Some insurers will give discount for it. But many aren’t interested.


My assumption is no, which is why I chose to keep my old, low value ICE car for the time being with my existing policy still attached to it, albeit with a heavily reduced annual mileage. I have essentially 23 years no claims (although I think they only honour it as 9 as a maximum) and I just can’t afford to lose it in the event that I were to move from subscription back to ownership or PCP/PCH.

Your accumulated NCD lasts for 2 years after your policy expires. Just make sure you keep the proof of no claims document that your insurance provider will send to you once your policy has expired.


NCD does raise some interesting thoughts for the future. Subscription is most likely to replace other forms of ‘ownership’ as part of the complete lifecycle of the product. So insurance at an individual level may well become a legacy idea. Also as automonous cars became mainstream, insurance wont be needed (although some other form of insurance may, but that is unlikely to be an individual requirement) and nor will passing a driving test, although there may well be some other test that is needed as a ‘just in case’ scenario.


I also look forward to new insurance products for excess reduction or mitigation which are specifically designed for services such as ONTO, rather than services which happen to include the subscription model, even though they were never specifically designed for it.

It could replace traditional car insurance for subscribers and also benefit from “no claims” discounts to reward good behaviour :slight_smile:

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What tier is the vw id4 in ?

@Slimtrader10 - tier 3:


@Koda My ICE car is with Direct Line. They told me if I cancel my policy and have something like onto for a year, if onto can provide a letter confirming no accidents during that year, then if I went back to Direct Line and took out a new policy, then they would treat the letter from onto as proof of another year of claim free driving and they would add it to any no claims discount I had earnt prior to cancelling my direct line policy.