This is why we need key!

6.30 in morning need to take daughter to work an can’t open doors…@carol call the help line no answer…if your going to make u us your app then you have to have 24 hour coverage !!! My daughter is now late for work… nit impressed at all and would like I know why there is no one answering. This could be a major reason for leaving if I cant rely on the company

There was likely an outage while updating servers or similar. Then everyone calls driverline because they can’t get into their cars, and the phone lines get clogged with an unexpected mass of calls. It happens every so often, usually for less than a hour at a time.

I Appreciate that you’re repeatedly giving valid reasons for having a key, but unless ONTO make some major changes to their business decisions - ones that will likely change subscriber pricing, I think it is unfortunately highly unlikely to ever happen.

i finally got through to someone,they couldnt open it ,they call recovery to sort it out and then the recovery company call me to say they wont come out to car as i dont have a physical key!!..what a joke

2nd try and the CS called hyundai driver assist and now have to wait 2 hours!..

Ah. Doesn’t sound like a server issue but their access equipment then. I seem to remember someone else posting recently with another Hyundai vehicle and the breakdown company had to break in to the car as they suspected their kit had drained the 12v battery (my memory is a little fuzzy so I may not have that totally right)

Are you getting any signs of life from the car at all? Could it be a dead 12v battery in your case too?

Do a bluetooth scan on your phone standing next to the car. Are you picking up a device that is broadcasting it’s name as your car’s VIN Number? If not then I would suspect that it could be a dead battery. Other possible way of checking is when the location last updated in the ONTO App. If that hasn’t happened recently that would also suggest power loss or equipment failure.

strange thing when did a remote unlock the wing mirrors open and the interior lights come on so cant be a dead 12v battery? looks to me maybe a conflict between blueline and on,to apps maybe

If there is enough power for that there’s definitely power to unlock the doors too, yes.

I Don’t have enough experience with BlueLink to comment. The Hyundai cars I have worked with were all earlier models that didn’t support this. Does that app allow you to lock and unlock doors too? Does using that do anything?

If the Hyundai app does support such features, I would recommend not using the door controls in that app and only the ONTO app moving forward. I’ve seen similar conflicts from BMW before in their cars for example where if you lock with the app, only the BMW App or physical key will unlock it.

yep the bluelink does have a remote function, i tried to unlock with the app after couldnt but says failed so lets see what hyundai say when they finally turn up

@Slimtrader10 I am so sorry for the issues you experienced this morning, at this point in time we utilise our driverline partners to manage the calls, from what I understand this looks like it could be a hardware issues, but I am no expert on the tech.

Have they managed to get you into a courtesy vehicle? Could you let me know the exact time you called and I can try to find out why there was such a wait to get through and what option did you chose when you were presented with the option.

I would recommend you raise this directly to us as a personal issue on your account via email with full details so we can investigate this as a matter of urgency


Thank you

I have sent a detailed email to [email protected]

You mean if keys were supplied, Zurich would charge ONTO more for fleet insurance and that extra cost would be passed on to subscribers ?

Please be assured we are speaking with @Slimtrader10 and doing all we can to resolve this as a matter of urgency.

I think I’m right in saying that in a case such as this the immediate solution to the problem is to call a taxi. (ONTO wil reimburse you that expense). Once that’s done, you can set about resolving the issue with the ONTO vehicle.

Normally I would agree with that, but I think it’d be less than ideal in the current circumstances, and I personally would not be particularly comfortable travelling in a taxi right now unless it was a genuine emergency and there was absolutely no alternative.


Also i live in a rural village with no local taxi service and a lot of taxis from main town wont come out…so have to rely on my own transport but have been great in trying to help and sort out the issue


That would be speculation on my part. They haven’t told me the exact reasoning, just that it would likely cost more to arrange.

It could definitely be more than just insurance influencing this though. There is the added risk of keys being lost, stolen or damaged which would have to be accounted for, as well as extra hardware to install and maintain if they want to keep the same level of control to be able to disable a car while someone still has the keys - You’d be looking at more expensive equipment and a more complex installation than just a little OBD Gadget.

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I wonder how traditional hire companies (i.e. Hertz etc) manage this? Do they have disabling devices in their cars or how do they manage their risks? I would imagine it would be potentially easier/cheaper for someone to hire a car from them for a couple of days and then not return it instead of paying for at least a month?

It’s fairly common to see them fully tracked and monitored, yes.

You should think of ONTO more as a car club setup than traditional hire though. It’s more of a self service setup where they don’t really go via a rental office. The car could be going from a subscriber, to a delivery driver, to a workshop, to storage, to another delivery driver and back out to a new subscriber without ONTO Themselves ever touching the vehicle. That’s a lot of hands for the keys to go through and many opportunities for something to go wrong. The keyless access method does help streamline that a little.

I’m not even saying that a physical key is absolutely necessary here. If they would just do similar to car clubs and allow quick and easy access to cars with a RFID Card rather than relying on a smartphone app I would be more than happy with that. No need to worry about phone signal or battery charge, much faster and easier, and could still work locally even if there was a server issue - All while still giving the office full monitoring and access control with none of the risks associated with keys.

Sure the above would be more costly that what they have right now, but I am still yet to be convinced their current technology is fully fit for purpose.


I like ZipCar’s approach of using a card and/or app to initially gain access to the car at the start of a booking, and then having the physical key secured in the glove box, which the customer then uses as normal until the booking is ended again with the card or app, with the key secured again in the glove box.

Still retains the ability for self-service collection, drop offs etc, but solves all the problems associated with servicing, lock outs, delivery drivers having to call up etc etc.