This electric family car has a drift mode! Genesis GV60

This looks very interesting… Hyundai’s posh brand Genesis…

Jack takes a look around the new GV60, the maiden EV from Korean luxury brand, Genesis. If you’ve never heard of them, that’s understandable - they only came to the European market last year. Typically, new brands who try to encroach on the posh family car space that the German trifecta of BMW, Audi and Mercedes has dominated for decades don’t fare especially well - just ask Infiniti. But Jack suspects this new upstart may be in with a better chance of success. Check out the video to find out why.


My In-laws already consider me a hooligan in a car - something to do with having been a motorcyclist for many years who still leans spectacularly into corners even behind the wheel of a car.

I think this is potentially a very, very, very, very, very bad idea.

Where do I get one?


I’ll even forgive Jack his “Selling England By The Pound” reference….all you youngsters, see a grown up if you want to understand…

But, can I just say….



Genesis seem to be getting serious in the U.K.
Just seen an ad on tv for this car and they have also launched a subscription service called ‘flexibility’


Now we all know that Genesis went downhill after “Wind and….” What? Eh? :man_shrugging:t2: Not THAT Genesis??



So, like a “60” but a bit more:

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Never expected to see the words affordable and limo in the same sentence to be honest.