Thinking of joining Onto

Hello all, I’m looking for some ‘on hand’ experience from users of Onto before potentially joining the service myself.

I passed my test years ago but finances dictated I could never get a car until this point. I’d really like an electric vehicle for a number of reasons, but largely because I think it’s the future and the way to go.

I’ve recently discovered Onto and I’m very attracted to the idea of a one month contract as opposed to the 48 months I’d be tied into with PCP etc as I’m acutely aware of how situations can change drastically.

At the minute my biggest issue is whether Onto would represent value for money for me as I work from home and most of my driving would be picking th gf up from work/driving her to, doing shopping or getting the dog out further than we can now. In other words, I doubt I’d ever hit the 750 miles a month. I’ve read on here and in other reviews that if you’re not doing so then it doesn’t represent value for money, but is that something all agree with? Or does the 1 month contract sort of offset that?

Similarly, my big issue at the minute is the £1000 excess as it seems heavy and would be tricky to manage should the situation arise. I’ve seen this can be offset with extra insurance from other companies but I’m not sure how that works so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thirdly, what is the experience with Onto like when it comes to delivery of vehicles, payments etc. In short, is it a hassle or have the majority of the users here had good experiences?

In summary, I’d just like actual Onto user’s thoughts on the matter, particularly after reading the Value for Money thread on here.

  1. Does Onto represent value for money compared to and ICE vehicle, or even an EV on a PCP deal contract?

  2. Is the £1000 excess something that can be more easily dealt with than it seems?

  3. What has the Onto experience been like for you?

Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated, I look forward to chatting with you all!

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Welcome! What car is currently tempting you as your first EV?

Everyone’s perception of value for money is different. It’s something that only you can really decide if the car you’re looking at is a ‘good’ deal in your eyes. For me personally, it’s not since the recent price increase, but as you will see from the very active community here there’s still plenty of others who are very happy and are continuing.

You can reduce your excess for an additional monthly cost. This takes it down to £350 excess. The other option is the excess insurance policies you can buy from the likes of I4CH. But you MUST be able to pay the £1000 to Onto on demand in the event of an accident regardless of fault, and then it may be a while before you get it back. But it can ultimately be reclaimed via this excess insurance. You’ll need some savings or a credit card behind you to cover this.

I’m overall happy with my experience. It’s a great service and whilst it hasn’t been perfect, the Onto staff are fantastic and will do all they can to help. I’ve had a few things go wrong but it didn’t take them too long to fix.

Deliveries aren’t 100% reliable so please do plan around this. The majority do come without any issue but a small amount have to be cancelled or delayed for a whole range of reasons. If it doesn’t arrive when it was expected, they will credit the delivery cost back to you however.

One other thing to note is remember that Onto will pre-authorise funds from your card 7 days before the actual payment date. It’s something else to make sure you’re aware of and need to be sure that the funds are available for them to capture in time. It’s never been an issue for me as I use a credit card for Onto anyways, but I know it has caught a few people out before.


Hi @Sean_L
A few answers to your questions and welcome!

  1. It really does depend how many miles your doing in your subscription for me I’m doing aound 500 a month as my sub is a 2nd EV. I also usually have a primary EV. So my £499 a month is equivalent to about £1 a mile, which, clearly isn’t that good for value for money.
  2. You can reduce the excess for a monthly price, or you can keep it at £1000. I will say now - whatever you choose have it ready and Sat in a account or on a credit card. Should you have accident - ONTO will take that excess almost instantly, no exceptions, until you are cleared of any fault. If you don’t have the funds they’ll terminate your account and collect your car in a matter of days.
  3. My ONTO experience has been nothing short of blissfully sailing along. Yeah I’ve had issues, but they’ve been rectified quickly and efficiently. Thankfully I’ve never had any real issues with the cars I’ve had and they’ve been brand new cars when I received them. I’m leaving ONTO in May as I just don’t need a 2nd car now and also the price has just increased - I can’t justify a second EV, so my Citroen ë-C4 is being returned. Btw don’t bother with the ë-C4 as it’s range is nothing short of terrible. I’d suggest a Zoe GT Line to start with. Then move up if you need to, avoiding the Citroen. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.

The main concern I think we all have isn’t ONTO’s fault…… it’s charging availability and reliability. So do your research before using apps like ZapMap or ABRP/ Wattsup to locate your chargers near you if you don’t have home charging or if your going further afield than just the shops or work. I always have a backup charger as sometimes they will be broken or out of service or there will be a queue…… luckily in London there’s an abundance but still…. Route with a backup! Your main charging networks with Onto are Shell, Instavolt and Bp Pulse…. You can filter those on Zap-Map through the app search settings.

I hope this helps, feel free to add any more questions and I’m sure one of us will answer as best as we can. :ok_hand::ok_hand::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grin::grin:


@Sean_L sorry I forgot to add yes you can use I4CH (insurance for car hire) to cover your excess but remember the policy must be bought before your subscription starts.
Payments for monthly cost are taken automatically by card. Just like Netflix etc. always 7 days before your renewal date. Example I’m on the 21st that’s when my car was delivered…. So that’s my renewal date - so onto take the payment on the 14th of every month. You get a reminder 2 weeks before the renewal date if you want to sign a new agreement or return the car. Under the settings on the user dashboard on the onto site you can toggle don’t remind me about renewals and they will be signed automatically so you don’t need to sign each month.


Hi Koda, thanks for the reply! I’m looking at a ZOE around £450 as that fits perfectly in my price range, and around what I’d be looking at for any ICE vehicle I’d want with insurance, tax fuel etc all factored in as well.

On the face of it, I figure I’d pay the same and perhaps even more with a petrol/diesel vehicle given their prices at the minute and my belief that is not about to change any time soon. Onto’s inclusion of charging cards is then a big factor I like as well (and should have mentioned actually).

Paying the £1000 for the excess isn’t THAT great a issue, it’s more just an eye-catching amount that seems off when you first see it but if it can easily be mitigated then it’s less of a concern.

I’m interested in how you use a credit card to pay each month, I’ve not seen anyone doing it that way mentioned before. What’s the process there, if you don’t mind me asking/that’s not me being entirely stupid.


Hi Sifmode, thanks for the reply, really appreciate it.

I’m already into a deep hole of looking at chargers and whatever else and it turns out I have a few Instavolt and BP Pulse chargers near to me so that’s quite handy. Unfortunately can’t do home charging due to living in a terraced house and not being able to do so without running the cabling over public pavements.

Appreciate the warning on the insurance excess as that’s my main concern. Obviously accidents are very unlikely but sometimes out of your control and well £1000 instantly going is not ideal is it! Glad you’ve recommended the ZOE GT line as that is exactly what I’m looking at and seems ideal for what I want it for.

In terms of the chargers available, is the whole process simple with the cards? Simply scan and go? I’ve obviously never done it so it’s a bit of mystery to me.


Indeed it is scan and go. Most of the time. :weary::rofl:.
Sometimes you might have to call CS for whatever card your using as the card doesn’t scan or the charger is playing up. But it’s a minimal wait and usually fixed remotely by the CS. otherwise yes. Just watch the ridiculous price of charging adding up and be happy in the knowledge your not paying for it. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Excellent, glad to hear it’s simple enough. The rising price has factored into my thinking as when I considered a PCP deal for an electric car, factoring in the charging costs would probably take me over the figure I’d be spending with Onto anyway, even if I’m not driving all that much.


Hey @Sean_L just like everyone said ONTO experience has been good for me too. Some users might have a different experience but that’s going to happen with any company. Subscription model is not everyone’s cup of tea. It works for some and doesn’t for others. Make sure to also use someone’s referral when booking your first car as it can secure you £50 which can help reduce your delivery costs. Make sure the subscriber has an active subscription which means they have a car with ONTO.

Zoe is a great value car, range is pretty decent as well specially now that it is hitting summer. @Grandadgeorgec had a zoe with ONTO. You could possibly pick his brains about the car. Any questions, feel free to message here, we are a friendly bunch here.


@Pranjal your forgetting I had one too to start with :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks Pranjal, appreciate it. Will definitely make sure I use a referral code to get the discount.

I’ve seen plenty of positives about the ZOE so I’m fairly happy with that being my potential choice at this point. For now it seems it’s a case of weighing up whether I’ll do the mileage to support the cost but that debate has me going round in circles as it’s always ‘well I’ll have the car and the mileage to use so I’ll make sure to use them’ and that doesn’t help me decide at all! :rofl:


Think most people on the forum have probably started with the Zoe too.
We have a Zoe along with an I-Pace and the Zoe whilst not in the same class is still an impressive package and a great all rounder.

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It’s as simple as it sounds. Just set a credit card as your default payment method!
There’s no direct debits with Onto. It’s just a monthly invoice that’s settled by card. So whether it’s credit or debit, it will be accepted.

By using a credit card, it’s a buffer against your income. If you were paid slightly late it means the payment to Onto isn’t going to bounce. And it means the pre-auth that takes place 7 days in advance of payments isn’t a problem either. As an added bonus, if you use a good credit card with points/cashback/rewards then you’ve got a regular payment of a few hundred pounds every month that you can collect some rewards on.

Definitely aim for the Instavolts (or others if they are around) over BP. They have a reputation for being a bit crap. Save yourself the headache and try to use the other, more reliable brands if you can. Supermarkets are often a good starting point. Tesco have free Pod Point 22kW chargers which will charge a Zoe pretty quickly. Morrisons have Geniepoint rapid chargers which you can use at no extra cost with your Onto subscription etc. - If you haven’t already found it, Zap Map is a great tool for finding charging options in your area.

Very good EVs to start off with. Good value and a fairly big battery for plenty of range.
The only other starter car I would recommend would be the Hyundai IONIQ. It’s a good choice if you want something larger than the Zoe, with lots more features, a much higher safety rating, unbeatable efficiency and a bit more solid build quality.

Whichever of the two you go with I am sure you will be very happy though, and the joy of Onto is that you can always swap for £49.50 if you do decide it’s not for you.


I never realised this and a credit card makes much more sense as a result. Excellent tip that one, thank you. Will probably do that if I do end up taking up a subscription.

Unfortunately it seems the nearest to me are BP so that’s disappointing and the Tesco superstar right on my doorstep doesn’t have a Podpoint, at least from Zap Map’s point of view. Fortunately the Instavolt is not too far away and I do know someone else (a friend of the family) who’s regularly using that and says it’s great so I suppose it’s not too much of an issue.

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@Sifmode oops slipped my mind but yeah I think alot of subscribers started with a zoe. I started my journey with a DS3 though.

@Sean_L see if you can get yourself an Amex card, you will be able to bank on points as well. I use my Amex to pay for the monthly subscription and easily managed to get enough points for one or two flights :sweat_smile: (again if you don’t have one use a referral to get bonus points). Plus Amex let’s you cover the £1000 provided you can have spare money to pay it off at the end of the month.

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I support all thats said above. Like you I came along for the ride (pun intended) to dip my toe and stayed for 18 months until happy to commit to a longer term and fixed price contract and car I wanted.

But that’s the beauty of the ONTO model if it doesn’t work after a month or two you can walk away, change car or take a break if needed. Yes it can sometimes be a bit bumpy but so long as you have taken on board the items mentioned above just give it a go you will love electric.:older_man:


I think my idea is to try it for three months to see if I can justify the price with the usage, although my feeling at the minute is that I’ll get so used to having a car and enjoy the EV so much that I really won’t want to let it go. Having not driven so far I’ve not missed it but I feel once I have the car, it’ll become a case of never wanting it to be gone!

The 1 month rolling contract is key for me as while I don’t think I’ll be out of work anytime soon I’m fully aware things can change so it feels like a much safer way of doing things. Plus the option to swap of course!


I have been subscribing to ONTO since September and have had a Renault Zoe in all that time. Excellent car to get used to using an EV. Range is great and I love the instant power.
AC or DC charging has been really easy with the included charger cards.
If you would like a £50 discount for both of us, you can use my active referral code 98191.
Good luck on your new journey.


Welcome to Onto…well the Onto Community, anyway.

I’m now in month 6, second Onto EV. Like you I had to do loads and loads of research starting in earnest 3-4 months before signing up and then waiting ten weeks for a car - and it all came together for me really well.

You’ve definitely started about the journey the right way! Bon Voyage!


Seems like a good reason not to get a vehicle to me! :wink: