Things that annoy you on the ID.3

Maybe we should re-word/repurpose the threads To what do you love/hate about xxx for balance.


I think officially it’s rated at 30 miles - but with a heavy foot that goes so quick - i usually get about 15-20 miles on it - which is still good in the city! It’s strange seeing it creep up from the hybrid engine - almost like a boost mode but for electricity instead :rofl:

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A few more things that are annoying
The fact you have to navigate the infotainment just to turn down the a/c fan
The stupid slide buttons for the volume and temp
The car statistics page doesn’t show you the SOC

I’d be interested to know if anything at all to do with the climate control can be changed via voice control on the Life version…,I don’t think it can unfortunately - only on cars with dual zone - but might be worth a try.

My approach to fan speed in a car with climate control is always to adjust the desired temperature to get the fan result I want.

If you’re too warm and want more fan, reduce the temp slightly and the car will fire more cold air to reduce cabin temp etc.

But most people seem to go for the fan speed dial itself instead, which I basically never touch.


That’s usually my approach too…except this last week when I’ve just wanted a mega blast of cool air!


if you press the climate hard button it takes you straight to the climate control screen - no navigation needed at all

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Not on the life model - it just says sorry, the ac cannot be controlled with voice functions (I tried making it warmer too, makes no difference :rofl:)

Yea but you still have to then navigate the app so it’s dangerous when driving, also you have to go onto the page if you want to turn it off a real pain in the butt

This video is pretty good at the getting in aspect:


Also guys, don’t forget about the ability to customise the screens and menus - including the ability to add additional widgets and the shortcut things that you get to from swiping down from the top.

I’m not sure how useful these customisations are in actually making stuff like climate or SoC easier to get to - but would be worth a play around with if you haven’t already tried.

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If you press the clima tactile button it takes you to the climate screen - power on/off is the top left button for the climate unit - there’s massive buttons for different settings all preset - sure it’s not as simple as everything having a button but so far I’ve not had any issues - it’s smart - it’ll adjust according anyway - how often do you change the temp in the car while driving? For me it’s usually set - if I’m hot I’ll lower it - same if I’m cold - otherwise heated seats and steering wheel and your sorted -

Yea it’s a bit of a faff but it’s not the end of the world - you don’t have to take your eyes of the road for more than a solid second and the buttons are easy to understand.

But hey - everyone’s different and it’s fair enough if it’s not your cup of tea mate - would be boring if every car was the same :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Yea that’s what I’m going for too - that’s a great examp @BillN :raised_hands::pray:

I could have used this this morning - couldn’t figure it out but I knew it was doable

Has anyone tried doing a long press on the Clima button - i could see that possibly being a shortcut to turn climate off

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What’s stupid is it doesn’t show you the SOC on the trip computer page you have to go I to the charging screen

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Yes it should have soc on the home screen or driver display


Similar to the Kona I think, from memory. Although with the Kona, you can get the SoC% on a widget.

I wonder, has anyone tried asking Hello ID for the SoC%?

Also, after the e-208 (at least with the software my one has got), I’ll just be glad to have the SoC% at all!

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Will try that tonight - I am knackered from shooting all day - who knew it was so tiring :rofl:

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Yea this one I totally agree with - VW oversight- would have been very helpful to have this