Things that annoy you on the ID.3

I thought i would start a thread on this as i have had the car 24 hours and already have a list

i will start with the fact you have to keep selecting regen braking

Oh I’m good at finding annoyances! Just wait till I get my hands on one. I might do similar threads for the e208 and the Kona!


im looking forward to my youtube reviews of the ID.3 plenty of rants and moans hahahaha the problem is after coming from a kona its a tough follow as i feel personally that the kona is the best car on the fleet by far …(bar the super expensive stuff lol ) i feel that VW have spent way too much time trying to make pointless fancy stuff like the light bar and gesture control that they havent got the basics right :smirk:

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Good idea, will add next week if I find any once I get ours. What’s your current list?

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so heres my list after 24 hours

  1. doesnt remember driving setting have to choose regen every time
  2. takes a few minutes for everything to fire up
  3. the world smallest driver display(my sons moped is bigger)
  4. no driver data in the display(you have to have your infotainment system up to show what your trip records are like mi/kWh etc
  5. the pointless light bar
  6. plastic door cards that seem to mark as soon as touched (only had mine 24 hrs and has white marks over door)
    7)gesture control ???
    8)the infotainment system as whole
    9)manual seat adjustment cant find a good position yet
    10)working the climate control you have to go through loads of steps to do anything ,no physical knobs etc

will update as the time goes on lol

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It’d be interesting to see what you think of leaving it in Drive (rather than B mode) and seeing if indeed it’s as smart as this guy claims it is:

For those who don’t want to watch, essentially what I got from that is that in regular “Drive” mode, the car will regen (possibly strongly) if it senses you’re too close to a car in front or above the speed limit (I forget if there were more possibilities).

I guess what it won’t do is slow down like a one pedal driving car, but it’s interesting…


This - I’ve watched this and am definitely interested in testing this myself - this would potentially make up for 1 pedal driving. I know the new 21 Golfs do something similar, not regen of course but if you’ve set it on cruise control and you’re over the speed limit it’ll slow itself down automatically- nothing harsh and if you put your foot down it’ll hold again for a few mins at your set speed- but then try to go back within the speed limit if your over again.

A lot of I’d.3 owners complain about the auto speed control because there’s issues with the car reading the wrong speeds on certain roads and also examples where people have been driving on dual carriageway at 60 and a slip road is 40 and tge car has abruptly slowed down to 40 ,will be interesting to drive but I wouldn’t call it intelligent as its just a speed limiter that adjusts to the road speed limit

All cars which use optical traffic sign recognition suffer this fate though - that needs to be on the driver as to whether that speed limit function or auto-cruise control speed adjustment. If you’ve got this mode enabled you need to be watching the speed signs and anticipate the change coming, same as any driver assistance feature.

I’m more interested if having this auto-speed limit disabled but still being in D will regenerate more strongly (per the video) if you’re over the speed limit which IMO would be a good thing, not sure that it does but am interested.

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i just think that stuff like acc should be used on motorways ,i dont feel there is a place for it in normal driving and the driver should be fully alert and aware of whats going on rather than relying on the car to get them out of trouble

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Was just adding a comment on the other thread about the braking. I think in comfort mode it’s awful - the coasting could pretty much keep you going for a very long time as there’s no resistance.

Noticed the ‘foot off the pedal’ icon which appears when the car wants to slow you down before a junction or roundabout, which is about the only time I see the green regenerative braking bar creep up.

I’m not sure on the comment about the car being slow to start, I find it really quick to get in and start moving. Do completely agree there is a lack of data on the drivers cockpit - pretty lack lusting in data and you can’t even customise what you’d like to see on it. The peugeot’s cockpit is definitely better in that regard.

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I used ACC on the motorway for quite some time on the weekend and I have to say when there was a pile of traffic ahead of me, it would try to initially slow me down but wouldn’t actually slow down when approaching a near standstill or even stop me. So you definitely have to be alert otherwise you will just end up in the back of the car ahead of you.

Didn’t like how sensitive the sign recognition is though, it was picking up road signs that were 30/40 when I’m driving on a 70 and trying to slow me down to 30/40.

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That’s the idea though - it’s the most energy efficient way of covering ground. Takes a bit of getting used to, but driving with a high degree of coasting can actually be quite nice too.

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yep you can get in and drive but all the systems take a while to boot up lol

I do have one gripe, that the charging speed of the ID3 is shown in mph rather than kW… Does anyone know the maths to convert this? Doesn’t look like it can be changed on the car according to other forums. Not the end of the world, but bit annoying!

Yeah that’s also annoying on the e-208. (The i3 had nothing at all from memory)

I think the trouble with a generic calculation is that it may depend on what sort of efficiency different people tend to see.

Not sure about the ID.3, but with the e-208 it’s not really clear at all whether the mph figure is based on a fixed efficiency multiplier, or whether the multiplier is variable depending on recent journeys, the last 50 miles or what. It’s all a bit mysterious.

What I’ve done with the e-208 is just make a mental note of what mph the car says when a charger (one with a kW power display) is saying 100kW / 70kW / 50kW or whatever it may be.

Seems to be fairly consistent on the e-208, which would suggest it’s probably a fixed efficiency multiplier.

eg, for me, when a charger is displaying about 75kW, the e-208 tends to display about 310 mph …310mph / 75kW ≈ 4.1 mp/kWh.


That’s what I’ve found. If the charger doesn’t display the power, or I can’t be bothered to calculate it from kWh delivered and time elapsed, I use the mph figure from the car. As the e-208 charging speed reduces in steps, rather than gradually, it’s easy to see when it’s time to move on to the next charging stop.

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I’ve been testing D and B mode out a bit today and I’m undecided. I felt like D wasn’t slowing me down enough when I come to the end of a road or near a car. There is definitely more noticeable regen at those times compared to driving on an open road but I still feel like B is providing a bit more regen in those situations.

Another thing is that the car won’t know if I want to turn left or right off a main road, so letting your foot off the pedal in D just coasts. It’s all about remembering when you need to brake and when you don’t and I’m not sure I like it.

I’ll do more testing but for now I feel like I’ll drive in b unless on motorways or A road sections etc.


He also talks about regen


The fact that without using the pre-climate mode, when you turn on the car in 30c heat, you have to wait a good minute or so for the functions to work and you to be able to turn on the A/C!