The Volkswagen ID.3 Life Pro Performance has joined the fleet!

Sorry, but I had to :joy: :scream:


I mean, I have actually read the subject and the first two lines - that should count in my book! iPhone needs to track your eyes so it can mark as read if you’ve looked at a new email in your inbox for long enough. It’s 2021, I shouldn’t have to actually swipe it away!

Hmmm…. submitted my form at about 4.45pm. Am guessing it might be Tuesday before my contract comes through?

Ok. So anxious am I to secure an ID3 I have submitted the form again. Sorry for if this means there’s a duplicate :see_no_evil:

Hey guys, just a side note regarding swap confirmation emails. The time you receive them may vary slightly as they’re all sent off manually, so if you can’t see yours right away don’t worry!

As long as @BillN hasn’t got my turquoise id3 :rofl:

I panicked a bit and went for scale silver. Quite like the look of it actually, and the wheels look alright too. Only
18” hopefully will mean nice ride quality at least.

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Tier 2 for miles is good for me as means I’ll get back all my unused Kona miles.

ID.3 becomes Onto’s ‘best performing [reasonably priced] non-Tesla EV’:

ETA - oh I forgot the eTron

Totally agree mate. Kona is a better choice in my opinion.

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Just checking… So the date for delivery has not been confirmed but Onto have still taken half the monthly from me already?? Won’t be getting the car for another 4/5 weeks???

I picked my chosen delivery date (12th July) when doing the form.

I picked 12th July too but the contract to sign that I got back said 19th July

Well I completed my swap form over 9 hours ago and not heard anything so I guess I’m not getting one 🤷

According to Lily earlier, they are done manually, so I wouldn’t expect one until Tuesday now.

When you sign the agreement onto will automatically take half the payment if the start/swap date is more than 7 days away. I was told on my last swap to the Kona that was more than a month away that I could sign the agreement anytime before the swap date and that it doesn’t have to be now.


It’s a shame the only choice in Yorkshire seems to be white or grey.

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I filled in the form straight away yesterday, received my contract to sign today. No need to panic those who haven’t heard back yet.

Still nothing for me, but I’m not that bothered to be honest so not chasing if I get one bonus

I’ve reserved one to swap from my Kona, but went for a test drive in one at my local VW garage today and now I’m not so sure I want to swap. Build quality on the outside seems a step up and it definitely drives better than the Kona (though I’m not a boy racer so that’s not the be all and end all), as it’s not so ‘light’ on the steering. Disappointed with the interior though. The silver material finish on the seats wasn’t as nice as the leather in the Kona and I think I’ll really miss the reversing camera, speakers in the back, heated seats in the back. I was expecting to be wow’d I guess, so I’m feeling a little underwhelmed by it.

Will have a think over the long weekend then decide.


Just signed up for the ID3 as my first EV, very excited! Does anybody know what the interior colour will be yet? Do you think they have gone for the black or white wheel?