The Volkswagen ID.3 Life Pro Performance has joined the fleet!

Good afternoon all! We have more exciting news to bring you all today:

The Volkswagen ID.3 Life Pro Performance is the newest member of the Onto family!

So, for those who haven’t immediately rushed to click the link at the bottom to book this award-winning EV, let me tell you more on why it might be worth looking into:

Boasting a truly powerful sustainable driving experience, the feel on the road is unmistakably Volkswagen but with enough individualistic flair to truly stand on its own above other similar EVs. The ID.Light is one of the perfect examples of that. Whether it’s communicating with you visually on the road to recommend when to change lanes, alerting you when your turn is coming up or even letting you know when a call is coming through. Futuristic doesn’t even begin to describe it, but impressive and ingenious car design just might be a start. Not to mention other features such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), natural voice control and the Navigation Pro touch-screen infotainment system, featured with a bright responsive 10-inch display.

But can it get me where I want to go on time?

Without a doubt, and with an impressive Real World Range of 215 miles, 0-62 in 7.3 sec and a top speed of 99 mph you can be sure of that. So, take that alongside inviting seats, plenty of legroom and a hatchback storage compartment in the back, you’ve got yourself a perfect combo for a great drive anywhere.

It’s available to book from today for just £559 per month, for delivery in mid-July! For more information visit our website at:

P.S. If you’re interested in the ID.3 and getting ready to swap your Onto car, please follow this link to get started.


Awesome addition. Test drove one last weekend and it’s very nice indeed!

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Great, which tier will it be in for mileage?

I think this will definitely be a popular choice amongst customers. A great addition to the fleet, perhaps one to consider in the future for me I think. Very happy with my Zoe for now :blush:

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It’ll be in Tier 2 for mileage


How many colours is it available in? When I looked for my area only white, mang grey and moon grey available.

Completed form, let’s see if I get one :crossed_fingers:

I saw the turquoise and scale colour as well, think I saw about 6-8 in total.

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We currently have these colour options:

  • Moonstone Grey
  • Glacier White
  • Makena Turquoise
  • Manganese Grey
  • Scale Silver
  • Stonewashed Blue

Yes I saw about 6. I went for White.

According to my survey:

61% wanted 58kWh version. Check
72% wanted the Pro Performance. Check
4% wanted the Life…oh dear!

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Still it would have been much more monthly if it had been a higher spec car.
Suspect its a good compromise.
At least it has alloys!

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How come it has alloys? Didn’t think that was standard spec on the Life?

Reply to self:


Things that are missing on the Life that I would have liked:

Panoramic Roof
HUD display
Keyless Entry
Rear View camera
Rear speakers
Style seats

None of them are deal breakers and as @burnt_crisps2 pointed out, it would make it more expensive per month.


I’ve gone for it. No alloys were the one thing that would have most put me off.

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Mainly absence of standards alloys for me and I suspect many others.


I held out for at least 10 mins before filling in the swap request. :star_struck:

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@Lily_at_Onto On the ONTO ID.3 webpage it states light strip between the lights and VW logo. I’m pretty sure that’s not standard on the Life trim.

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Only the white and the two greys currently available in my area.

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