The Volkswagen ID.3 Family Pro Performance has joined the fleet!

So for the Life, I did the form almost immediately on the 28th May and then was sent the eversign contract to sign about 30 minutes later.

But it all happened earlier in the afternoon before beer o’clock


Woo booked the family pro in manganese grey. delivery 29th October. Hopefully i like it as i really like the Kona.


I’m booked in for a moonstone grey 22/10 :raised_hands::eyes:


@Rucket Lol just booked mine for the 19th same colour moonstone grey, hopefully these will come with the software already updated .


I’m hoping they will come with both 2.3 and 130kW peak charging.

(Not that either make a huge difference by all accounts)


have you guys booked it via the swap form we got via email? or on the website

Form for me, and I have receipts!

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I just hadn’t received any form of automated communication or any charge to my card, so was just concerned

Just been talking to them and firstly anyone who hasn’t seen a booking yet don’t worry. They haven’t finished going through it all as there are “loads” to go through.

I had to settle for a super long wait as I’m pretty set in Turquoise, so I got a 29/10 date.

Unfortunately, I hate the date being at the end of the month and not the start but there’s about to be no cars left so I took it.

Having driven a mid tier ID3 I’m confident I will love it as much as the Kona Ultimate, but the life model didn’t do it for me.

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maybe mine is moonestone grey too haha


Has anyone who did the form heard anything yet?

Did not hear anything back to my request form unlike when I did the life booking, so just called them, unfortunately she stated nothing could be found but it could be they are still going though the requests, didn’t trust that so just go her to book one for me then and there, so maybe call and do that just to be sure you get one on this round.

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Just called and was told they have no idea about my request form even though earlier I was told they could see it, been told my selected colours are no longer available. Guess i’ll just have to wait!

Well this is a bit of a mess.

I’ve just gone on the website to see the available dates and most of them are gone, and I haven’t been contacted even though I did it pretty much straight away.

I must just have terrible luck lol

Just spoke to someone and have been reassured that any submitted forms have essentially reserved those cars - and they just need to be sent the stuff to sign later today / tomorrow morning (obviously if someone did the form now it might be too late though).

I suggested that it might be good to be a little clearer in the coms going forward about how the process works, what sort of timeframes to expect etc.

Form submitters should at the very least be sent an email confirmation that says yes we got your form at this time on this date.


I think it’d also be good, as the form was titled “pre-launch” if they indeed wanted it to be a pre-launch / pre-order, would be great if they gave an opportunity for say 24-48hrs to existing customers to request a swap before opening the booking system up.

Or, ideally, getting the online ‘swap booking’ process working, which would save a lot of time/hassle/anxiety and also significantly free up staff to be able to process other requests.

I had a similar conversation as yourself @BillN with the same member of staff over live chat this morning. While I was told indeed the forms would be worked through I could also see the models being booked up online and didn’t want to be left missing the boat, so reserved one of the cars available on the 14th.

I went for Stonewashed Blue (as the only available option) which was the colour I originally wanted months ago, I’m not too fussed to be honest, all the colours look good, the only one I didn’t really want was Manganese Grey, as you lose almost all of the black roof contrast. I would have preferred the Turquoise but the impatient part of me preferred locking it in before a trip we have planned that following weekend…


i filled in the form last night but had no faith in it, i ended up ringing at 08:00am this morning to book one. As i only got my email at like 8pm last night.

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If I remember correctly that’s the way it used to be with some of the previous launches, but it looks like this strategy has been abandoned now and they are all available to book immediately via the website.

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I think the response for the ID3 speaks volumes for the way forward for ONTO needs to look at for their business model.

As the public become more aware of the restrictions low mileage cars bring with charging station getting busier, the demand for 200 mile plus cars will grow and grow.

Yes there are customers who only need a low mileage car but that is not the majority who need enticing out of their ICE cars.