The Volkswagen ID.3 Family Pro Performance has joined the fleet!

Good evening all! We have some news today that I think you’re going to like:

By popular demand, the Volkswagen ID.3 Family Pro Performance has joined the Onto fleet!

That’s right! We’ve listened, and we couldn’t be more excited to be able to bring another fantastic Volkswagen to you all.

But don’t you already have an ID.3? What’s the difference?

We’re happy you asked. With this upgraded trim level you’ll be in a car very similar to the ID.3 Life, but take a closer look, and you’ll find that there’s more that meets the eye. What’s immediately noticeable as you’re sitting in the cockpit is the natural light from the panoramic sunroof illuminating the futuristic dashboard. While it’s the most obvious change to the windows within the car, it’s not the only one, as the back windows are now tinted for just that extra bit of privacy.

The outside of the car is also sporting some nice changes to separate itself from the pack. With the front showing off those dazzling new IQ.LED dipped and main beam headlights, you can rest assured that your night-time driving trips will be safer all-round. Plus, with the illuminated light band running between the headlights and logo shining day or night, you know you’ll remain visibly iconic no matter what time of day.

So how does it drive?

Like a dream, but I’m sure we don’t need to tell you that when the iconic VW style permeates every single aspect, even down to the driving experience. With a 0 - 62 of 7.3 seconds, a cracking top speed of 99mph and a Real World range of 215 miles, you’ll know that peace of mind will be with you throughout every single bend.

Available to book from today for delivery by mid-October. Just £589 per month! Find out more about this incredible hatchback here >


This is going to be a very popular car on the ONTO fleet for sure. :+1:


Well just spoken to “J” to book my Family Pro performance, delivery due 21st Oct and to cancel my ID3 Life that was due to be delivered in 7th Oct but he’s had to manually reserve it as he is having problems sorting the booking because he needs some help, hopefully it’s sorted quickly and he has been able to reserve it as promised as wanted this over the life Pro. I don’t know how many they have but I suspect these will shoot out the door very quickly. Only booked the ID3 a few days ago to, if I’d known then it was coming in I’d have said go for family pro straight away lol
Hopefully “J” can sort it fine once he’s spoken to colleagues to help him sort the problem he didn’t know how to work around. Went for the Makena Turquoise but not fused colour either way really.


I have booked via the form, 3 mins after the email received at 18:33.

Definitely keen as a bean and have a trip planned the weekend after the 14th- though wouldn’t be surprised if something shifts and I’m not able to get one of the first few.

Still excited either way!


I haven’t got the email. How can I swap without calling or do you have to ring ? @Lily_at_Onto

Any sign of the q4 etron, not interested in another id3


There is an online swap form somewhere, don’t have a link, but you can do any of these also…

  1. Make a swap via WebChat.
  2. Make a swap via phone call.
  3. Use the Swap Form.
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.booked on phone within 15 seconds of seeing the notification drop in lol Chap doing the ‘booking’ said ‘I’ve not even had the email to say it’s on the system yet lol. I said prep for a few more calls I’m sure lol. Glad it dropped before the ID life pro performance was delivered so didn’t waste my swopout! .

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Yeah normally ring or webcast but cs is closed at 6 and suprise suprise I got the email too late :roll_eyes:

Would have liked the ID4…

Will be interesting in the feedback when compared to the ID3 Life.

Ye just click cars on top of web page then start booking on the car your after. I only phoned because I’d had an iD3 life booked for 7th Oct. shame they didn’t know the iD3 family was due imminently when I booked as I would have booked family then.

Would be great if the online booking method allowed for using reward points for the swop fee.
Still a few items trim level wise but maybe in the future onto can get the Max trim on the fleet.

Looking closer to Kona spec which is my current hire. Looking forward to the little extra space in the ID3 over the Kona. Our lass will be happier with the few extras over the Life trim. Guess her in doors is happy it’s win win all round lol…

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I did the form but I didn’t get any kind of confirmation back after completing it. Is this normal? I presume I will get an email once it’s all confirmed but would be nice to get an acknowledgment the form was received.

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I’m just going to trust it worked

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I’m not sure you can do this when you already have a car on subscription. They are developing an online swap tool, but don’t believe that is active yet.

The swap form I discovered in a previous announcement email is for the e-2008 and is via this link…
But suspect this e-2008 specific and not sure if you can select other cars on the fleet.

@tomford best call them first thing tomorrow.

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Slow reply I know but the form is here: Volkswagen ID3 Family - Swap request - Pre-launch

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I’ve “booked” mine via the form link in the email, which I only just received so I’m assuming I won’t get the date I’ve selected. Hopefully they will be in touch if there’s any issues.

I do, however, regret no ticking the 'flexible" option on colour, but I’m desperate for the Turquoise. Absolutely awesome in person. We shall see what happens.

What colours did everyone else pick?

Thanks for finding the correct one, knew it must be hidden somewhere.
Will be great when they get this functionality online.

I picked turquoise as well, but I ticked the flexible option as to be honest I think at worst it’d get switched out for maybe another white one which I like.

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If I submit the form again would that be a bad idea?

I think you’d probably be better either calling or going via live chat tomorrow to try and clarify what you’re after.

For those who’d ordered the ID.3 via this method who hopefully succeeded; what actually happened next? Presumably you get a hire agreement to sign before it gets confirmed? :thinking:

@BillN I think you had originally ordered one using the form unless I’m mistaken?

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