The Vauxhall Mokka-e Elite Premium is joining the family!

Hey everyone,

We’ve got another new car to tell you about…

The Vauxhall Mokka-e Elite Premium is the latest addition to the Onto fleet!

Now, for those of you who came to our first ever community meetup on Saturday morning, this won’t be a surprise to you as we gave you a sneak peak. However, we’re really excited to be bringing this one to you.

As the winner of Top Gear’s ‘Design of the Year’ 2021, there’s no doubt that the Mokka-e is a stunner. Like the Corsa-e, it has been completely redesigned to be striking on the eye, and as comfortable as can be on the inside.

Kitted out with the latest Vauxhall Pure Panel infotainment system, innovative driver assistance such as adaptive cruise control, and luxurious interior alongside the bold new design, comfort never looked this good!

It’s available to book now for just £579 per month. Due to the delivery schedules the Mokka-e will be available to the North of England and Scotland from 29th April, and 10th May for everyone else. For those of you who can, be sure to get your hands on this one before everyone else!

Let us know what you think of the Mokka-e down below!


Doesn’t show as available for me in the south east. Are they still being added at the moment? I guess it’s not available to book until closer to May?

Looks like they are just uploading to the website and likely availability too.
Give it 5 and try again.

Just gave them a call. They said it’s not available to book yet in the rest of England. Asked me to wait a few weeks and try again.

doesnt show available for me

The website has just have been updating but you should all be able see the cars available by now. If not, please let me know.

Not available here still. I can see it as available if I enter a Scottish post code, so I’m guessing they’re just not available to book yet in the rest of England?

I can see it on mine. It costs as much as the kona 🥲 (on the old prices). I’d pick this over the corsa though.

The mamba green colour is amazing tbh.


Our tech team are just having a look into this as it appears there may be an issue with showing availability to certain postcodes.


Hiya! Who can tell me is it '22 plate or not :relaxed:

Thanks as want to book asap

Shame its not the Ultimate spec (massage seats!) but for a Vauxhall it looks good, that Green really does make it work.

I am in Essex and can see its available for 10th May :+1:

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Oh yes - and even better in the metal!

I realise I was somewhat dismissive of it on Saturday - but I think it’s difficult to get excited when you already have possibly the best car on the fleet already! On reflection, if I was new to EV or was in something other than a Hyundai, this is certainly deserving of some attention… with an understandable reservation being its range in comparison to some of its peers…

The driving seat was a nice place to sit, a bit quirky, maybe not long-lasting materials given it’ll potentially get a bit of “use” - and there was an impressive sense of a solid bonnet in front of you.

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That’s funny, I think exactly the same thing :wink:


I think coming from the Ioniq I’d just like to drive something that looks a bit more exciting, and doesn’t charge at 27kW most of the time.

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There’s definitely something about EVs when they shout about themselves a little. I liked Ioniq…

…except when I looked at it from the outside.

If this IS your sort of cup of tea, char, chai or indeed, mocha… I certainly think it’s got some outwards signs to keep you entertained. And, of course, we need reports from the intrepid pioneers - GO FOR IT!

(I’m rather going back on what I said to Rich now - it has grown on me)


Still nothing showing in the RG postcode…hopefully by the morning they will sort out the issues

Must still be a glitch in the matrix:

Watford Postcode


Received an email earlier that it’s back in stock for my post code but website still shows not available. I guess the team is still working on it :slight_smile:

still nothing showing on my ppostcode looks like they dont want us in this area driving them ahahahah