The Tesla Model Y Long Range has joined the Onto fleet! ⚡

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Exciting news! The Tesla Model Y Long Range has joined the Onto fleet! :tada:

If you joined us at our cars and coffee event in Epping Forest a few months back, you may have already had a sneaky peek at the new Tesla Model Y - so some of you will know how impressive this new model is!

Boasting a whopping real world range of 270 miles, this Tesla is perfect for those long journeys out on the road! Not only that, you’ll be travelling in pure style & comfort thanks to its all black interior and heated front & rear seats. You’ll also be treated to a higher ride height and a much more spacious cabin thanks to its SUV styling.

The Tesla Model Y is available to book now for delivery in December, and will be part of our Tier 4 range of EVs and cost £1,499 per month.

We know you want to know more, so just click the link below! :point_down:

What’re your thoughts on the Tesla Model Y? Let us know in the comments :thought_balloon:

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Anyone looking to buy a kidney?


And for the second month?


Jesus wept. I know it’s no commitment, but wow.

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No charging including SuC which you get with ONTO. Also not currently available from Elmo.

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EVision car hire rates for the Model Y LR. You can use your own insurance or have theirs, which works out very expensive. Again don’t believe any charging is included.

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Tesla the source of mass market low cost everyday family EV’s :crazy_face: China is going to take over that segment.

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Would love to have one for a month but would not want to lose my e2008 :open_mouth:
And the £1500 would be out my league, maybe @Rob_at_Onto can give me a Christmas deal :crazy_face:
Just imaging 2 70yrs olds cruising the high street in the Tesla :grinning: :grinning:

Well I’m off to lie down in a darkened room.

Actually, I had an hour in a Y-front courtesy of Gridserve Braintree. For someone who didn’t think they would ever be interested in any of the Teslas it was a real eye opener. It is a lovely car to drive and superbly spacious without carrying it as a bulky-handling car. If you needed to transport a couple of bodies from one end of the country to the other I could not fault it.

For long-distance mile-munchers, and from cars I have currently experienced, it would definitely be in my top 4…

(I wonder what extra mileage costs… off to take some valium before I have a look…)


I think the cars RRP is less than that of the etron but more expensive monthly than the etron.

Model Y is a lot more efficient so should be less on charging compared to the etron. Pricing doesn’t make sense. It’s way out of my league! 3 time what I’m paying for my car all inclusive with charging.


These are going to sit on the shelf hope they didn’t get many as will be a hard sell at that price

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It seems so odd that anyone would spend 1000 plus on a car to rent, Surely if you have that available you would just lease or buy?


I actually contacted Elmo out of curiosity last week and unless the lady misunderstood my question, she reckoned you do get supercharging included with their Teslas.

Nothing else though, unless you add on the BP card.

These prices are absolutely crackers though. You can see which way Onto are looking when it come to future customer base, and it isn’t at the lower end.

To be fair, its not far off the Tesla Price which is scary money…

I wouldnt pay £1500 for a car each month…

I know Polestar pay £75 a day for people to hire cars, when there are delays, so if someone else is picking up the tab… its a win win…

The Salary Sacrifice Price is an eye watering £1020

If you do, it’s strange that they don’t advertise that on their site anywhere.

Those are PCP costs, which are higher as you have the opportunity to purchase the car at the of the term. Tesla lease costs are still high, but closer to £1000 a month.

I know any number of people with SS Model Y LR’s and they’re all paying £5-600 a month after tax savings so < £1000 gross.

Salary Sacrifice is always going to be cheaper than any lease deal… you should see price of my Polestar 2 , its >£400 cheaper than any personal lease (or will be when it turns up)…

Also bare in mind order one today and you wont see it Q1 next year…

To be honest, I hate Tesla’s sorry to all the fans of them… and wouldn’t want one…

At the end of the day people will still hire them, and people who have more money than soft mick will get them… And not every car is for everyone…

I never understand why people hate on the pricing, OntO is a business and they can charge what they like, at the end of the day…

Uau shocking almost had an heart attack with that price. You can see where onto it’s turning with this prices and car choices .
If I had that type of money on my wallet I would go and buy , I would not lease a car

99% of all new cars are leased nowadays, and very few are direct cash payments, even billionaires lease their Hyper and Super Cars as they can do tax stuff with them, to save them some money…

And if I had £1400 per month I would have a Taycan and not a Tesla Model Y Front