The renew subscription does not work in Android

Hi Everyone,
I received the notification that I needed to renew. So followed instructions and went to the Android App. But I can’t get it to sign. Each time I press on the yellow Sign area the whole screen is grayed out and there is no way to sign.
Anyone got the same issue or found a way around it?
I uninstalled the Onto app and reinstalled it as to make sure I had the latest version.
My phone is Huawei P20 from 2 years back so not that old and has been updated a couple of weeks back. And absolutely everything else works fine on it.

Hi @Marcel, sorry to hear that, the team is looking into this to see why you can’t sign through the app. You should have also received an email with a direct link to renew. Can you try and see if doing it through the link in the email works for you?

I had the same issue but trying to cancel, so I’ve had to sign up to another month. We were away on holiday, when I went to cancel subscription it said it would end immediately. I couldn’t risk not been able to get into the car to get home so I left it till we got back. By this time I was into the 7 days notice so a little annoying that its cost me another £419

I think that was a bit misleading. You usually renew 14 days or so before the end of your monthly hire period. If you decide to cancel, the vehicle remains yours until that date. You’ve obviously already paid for that. Once ONTO see you are not renewing, they will contact you to organise collection of the vehicle.

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