The Peugeot e-2008 GT is here!

I’m getting mine on the 29th too as I wanted a black colour this time round wasn’t available on the 21st its ok I can wait… day b4 I called up wanted to try the ds3 and they didn’t have any I’m my area then this came along worked out better :slight_smile:

I’ve got a black ds3 , no co.llaints really, I just wanted the 2008.

@scott3175 so technically you can swap into a new car and avoid paying 50% upfront and then pay the full amount 7 days before your contract starts and still have the car reserved? So as if it was another month you were paying for?

Yeah. The latest is 7 days before.

If I booked a car for the 13th that would be the date my new contract starts so I’d just pay for the new car instead of the old one on the 13th

Yes that would be correct. You’d just pay for the swap.

@Tomahawx guessing you have to ring up as I just tried to swap via online and they’re prompting me with 50% down and delivery charge even though I currently have a Zoe with onto.

I’m changing to a Kona from a Zoe on the 7th.

Booked change on 5th May 2021
Charged (50% hire) £294.50 + £49.50 delivery on on the same day as booking.

Today 31st May 2021 (7 days before delivery)
Charged (50% hire balance) £294.50

Hope that helps

I rang up and have booked a swap for July but haven’t signed the agreement yet I am guessing when sign that I’ll be charged the 50 percent but from this I can sign this 7days before and then pay in full ?

14 Days I believe is the point where is switches from a 50% deposit to 100% upon signing the contract.

Ok thanks you do they hold the car or do I need to sign the contract now this is my first swap

There hold the car if yiu sign after 14 days yiu pay delivery charge rest pendinding 7 days before on delivery debit it from account

So if I sign now they will take £49.50 out in 14 days plu the rest 7 days before ?

No, if you sign the agreement now they will take 50% of the cost of the car plus the £49.50 and then the remaining 50% 7 days before delivery. If you want to make the payment later don’t sign the agreement until 7 days before delivery and then the whole payment plus delivery will be taken that day.

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Does it have rapid charging

100kW DC rapid charging via CCS on both the e-208 and e-2008.

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You can see the charge curve for the e-2008 here:

Great thanks you I have booked my swap from the Zoe iconic so hoping don’t regret it

You should be fine with it. The only 2 points I would really make about coming from the Zoe, aside from the pricing which you are already aware of are:
-AC Charging will be 7kW Max. The Zoe has 22kW AC Support - If this is common in your area.
-This car is much less efficient than the Zoe. You will notice a significant reduction in range between charges, especially when you take it on the motorway, or are in winter time where weather gets worse.

Most people tend to prefer both the design and the driving experience of the Peugeots over the Renaults. But even if you don’t you can always swap back to a Zoe at any time for just £49.50 - Onto seem to typically have deliveries of more brand new ZE50’s every 3-4 weeks, as well as the ever-growing existing fleet in circulation.

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What car matches the Zoe range wise ?