The Peugeot e-2008 GT is here!

Good afternoon all! Do we have some exciting news to share with you:

The Peugeot e-2008 GT is the next car to join the Onto family!

We know what you’re thinking, does this drive as good as it looks? Well you’ll be happy to know that we can give you a hearty absolutely. Boasting a smooth sporty experience with enough grace to get you where you need to go in the utmost comfort.

So what else is there?

Well, this compact SUV is anything but compact when it comes to features. Possessing an impressive real world range of around 155 miles, regenerative braking, and the new Peugeot 3D i-Cockpit to truly enrich your experience behind the wheel. Not to mention other goodies like 4 charging ports and two tiered storage space in the back (for making sure muddy items don’t touch items you’d rather keep un-muddy.) Let us know your thoughts!

It’s available to book from today for just £539 per month, for delivery in mid-June! For more information about the e-2008 GT visit our website at:

P.S. If you’re getting ready to swap your Onto car, just a heads-up that swaps are done via a form now! Please follow this link to get started.


Nice car but it’s a shame about the range, that’s a killer for me.

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Just booked it :rofl::rofl: love thease cars


Not really! Someone already let the

out of the bag :wink:


Agree. My wife has a petrol version and looks much better than my Kona but I am used to around 250 real world miles and wouldn’t want to drop by that much

@Lily_at_Onto The seats shown aren’t the correct seats you’ll get in the GT (light grey are only on GT Premium) . It’s the same with the pics on the e208 GT.

The seats will be the same as the ones that come standard on the GT line. Darker seats with the strip down the middle.


Was just about to mention this. First thing I noticed on the email.

Nice to get heated seats in the GT (unlike the 208) but again no ACC is a bit of a downer.

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What’s acc do you think this is worth me getting I’m
Going from the Hyundai want to swap to this in July

ACC is adaptive cruise control. It’s when you set the cruise control speed and it slows down and speeds up based on how fast the car you are following is driving

EDIT - Just realised as you have an Ioniq, you have this feature already, so you won’t get it on the e2008. I love ACC but it’s not a deal breaker.


To be honest I could never work out how to use it on the Hyundai and I do a lot of short drives so it wouldn’t be missed but the front sensors will be a great addition to have :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow, its got a Front Windscreen. :older_man:
Comfort and convenience

  • Visio Park 1: 180° Colour Reversing Camera
  • Heated front seats
  • Front Parking Sensors
  • Electric power steering with reach and rake adjustable steering column
  • Front windscreen
  • Heated and electrically adjustable door mirrors with manual folding
  • Low centre console
  • High centre console with 2 cup holders

Not always a given on French cars!


I didn’t realise this was a comedy page :laughing:

Who’s Evezy?

Closer to reality, but still doubtful!

I give up!

Oops thanks for flagging - we’ve updated the post :slightly_smiling_face: The real world range is indeed 155! And Evezy was our former name, it’s a bit tricky to update in these links but we’re working on it. We hid it so it won’t bother anyone else :wink:


Slight sarcasm and OCD on my part, but nice move :slight_smile:

Now, where do I sign up for a QC position? :laughing:

I’ve ordered mine😁 can’t wait.


Arrange my swap today from the DS3 crossback I have been wanting one off these since I had the 208e that was just too small but on another not lady on the phone told me you should phone to swap and no t to use the link as it doesn’t alway work properly


Yep I’m exactly the same, swapping my ds3, was saying 29th to swap, so I rang up and got the 22nd which is when my ds3 renews so saves all the headache, I’ve had the pearl white, as I had the blue in the e208.


Did they charge you upfront again for the different car?

No, when I sign the contract I’ll pay half the amount if it falls outside the 2 week period , but I can sign the contract upto 7 days before ,then I’d have to pay the full amount . If that makes sense.