The old girl is getting hot today

First time I’ve seen the air ducts open!!

I give it to Hyundai they think off everything !!


Mans Not Hot!!!

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Haha I wasn’t but the car was :rofl:

A lot of places have seen 31 degC in the last few days. On another solar related forum, we have been discussing the panel temperature and the effect the heat has in reducing the output. Some people have temperature sensors in the panels, others not. I have an array that is easily accessible from ground level, so used an IR thermometer to check things out in the peak heat in the afternoon.
Roof tiles were 70 decC plus
Solar panels 55 deg C
Car bodywork 55 deg C
Concrete paving slabs 42 deg C

It’s no wonder cars are hot houses, but aircon/climate control works incredibly well.
Just as well too.

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