The new Hyundai IONIQ and Hyundai KONA are here!

Hi all,

We’re extremely happy to announce that we are launching two new car models today:

The Hyundai Ioniq Electric Premium (38kWh) and the Hyundai Kona Electric Premium SE (64kWh)

As many of you know, the previous version of the Ioniq is already in our fleet, but this upgraded model is better, more powerful, and we will have plenty of stock for all of you!

The Kona is a brand new addition, to expand our compact SUV line and start offering more spacious electric car options so everyone can find something they love.

They are available to book through our website, or by calling our team on 0800 030 6840 if you need to organise a swap.

Deliveries will start mid-January!

We would love to know your thoughts about these new additions. What are the features that you like the most?


Will colour choice be expanded on the kona or are you just having white and grey to start with

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The colour choices are a bit… boring.

Acid Yellow would have been nice.


Yep tried to arrange swap but the phone going to the voice mail!

Far too expensive…

£470 for a 2020 BMW I’d expect the Hyundai to be well below that.

Can you do the mini for less than the i3?
I’d be interested.

would be happy to pay 470 for a mini

The Mini is 10k cheaper than the i3 so I’ll be expecting it to come in quite a bit less.

What 2020 bmw is £470

The ONTO BMW i3 is £469 a month. I think @Pinky_Ponk was referring to this.

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Mine! :joy: that’s the price on their website

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I don’t think it works like that. It’s all about total cost of ownership and what deal can be negotiated with the manufacturer. This sometimes means a vehicle with a higher retail price isn’t necessarily dearer to rent or contract hire.


Yes - suspect the Kona for example was available at a decent discount because the face lifted one is due early next year.

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I understand that from On.To’s point of view but from a customer view it’s got to make sense.
I currently can’t buy/lease, insure, charge and maintain a new i3 for less than £520 a month so I’m with On.To.

With the MiniE being 10k cheaper I’m sure PCP/Lease deals would be less than quoted for the i3.

Yes pinky_ponk I did know you were referring to the i3, I just didnt think any bmw i3 were 2020 cars

I take it that the kona is the outgoing model and not the 2021 due to be released.

Yes it’s the one that catches fire. Going cheap for some reason :wink:


Yep, mine is 2020. I got it in June with delivery miles on it.

Love it, for the money I think they’ll struggle to get me out of it.


That makes it even less attractive then as the new model is out next year, I may ordered one too. The i3 is tempting then if 2020 models, I have a m140i currently but having had attempted theft twice now it’s time to move it on.

My mate works at BMW she’s not mentioned a new i3 model?
Can you share details of the new model with me please?

Sorry m8 meant 2020 registered