The new Fiat 500 has arrived!

Two new cars and a first for Onto…

We’re delighted to welcome the Fiat 500 Icon to the fleet, and there’s 2 of them. Say hello to the Fiat 500 Hatchback, and for the first time, we’ll have a Convertible in the family!

Those of you who came down to see us at Fully Charged Live have already had a sneak peak of the car, and we’re sure you can see there’s a lot to be excited about.

The new electric 500’s have been redesigned inside and out to give it a more modern and assertive feel, while retaining the iconic style and charm that makes it so popular. It’s got the range to be the perfect companion for all types of journey, but it excels in the urban areas having won WhatCar? ‘Best Small electric car for the city’.

The Fiat 500 Icon Hatchback is yours for just £519 a month or you can choose to put the top down in the Convertible for £599 per month.

Both models are available to book now for delivery in late May so don’t hang around and it can be yours in time for summer!

Which one would you choose?


It’s a beautiful little car having seen it in person at Fully Charged this year.

The interior is very well laid out and high quality.

If you’re looking for a fun, zippy little city car this would be perfect :star_struck:

That cabriolet in the sun looks like a spot of fun too.

If you want one act fast - we predict they’ll get snapped up fast :wink:



(It doesn’t fit me - :face_with_raised_eyebrow: - I’ll save you the photos…)

Smart looking car when you see it in the flesh - @Raheel_at_Onto who had to drive it away from FCL - they were going to give us a first drive perspective!

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Not available in my area for the convertible version, are they all online?

Also what colours will the Convertible come in?

@K12Beano - I’ll try to find out from Marketing and let you know - it wasn’t me, I promise :laughing:

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So won’t be driving the North Coast 500 in the Fiat Convertible then as not available in Scotland :open_mouth:
Onto get a depot in Scotland lol very limited availability up here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Catw - they are available to book online right away but in very limited numbers initially.

Both the cabriolet and hardtop will come in:

Ice White
Mineral Grey
Onxy Black

hardtop only for now:

Ocean Green
Glacier Blue

they’ll be limited number initially so may get snapped up fast :wink:


…the convertible isn’t showing in my area either - I was going to comment, but it’s quite possible the system isn’t showing up availability properly on this compared to the tin top??

Not the Rose Gold (“Pink”, Rui called it) that was on the stand at Farnborough - I did gather that much!

ETA - it’s in the spec which tells us: " * Available colours: Ice White, Onyx Black, Ocean Green, Mineral Grey"

Wouldn’t it look good in Ocean Green?

(I really grew up believing green cars were unlucky - i.e. “work-of-the-devil”)

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Just FYI - the Cabriolet will only be available in the South West of the country initially.

We’ll have more convertibles arriving soon so if its not currently available in your area you can sign up for notifications when it’s available


Great city car. I bet the convertible will be a huge success.


So Elmo drive are doing a la prima for £100 less… I’m wondering where Onto are going with their prices. Not at all what I was expecting. But honestly I don’t know why I’m so worried as my car is going back on 20th May…… :weary:🫣:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Wow - it’s got wireless CarPlay?

I might have to re-think for that alone!!


Hey, listen it’s a solid car. I loved my test drive and the lease deals are bloody compelling…. But it’s just SMALL. Like omg I’m having to think about where I put my arm small if your other half is with you or potentially your mate. There’s no boot at all. And the backseats you can write off if your an adult. No-one is getting in there. Otherwise if it’s just 2 people it’s great. Really fun car and really really good on the road, even around the bumpy a10/a406. Lol
Personally I don’t think it’s worth £599, it’s certainly not worth £499. Considering you can get lease deals with Fiat direct for £339/349 with £339/£349 upfront.

That’s seriously pricey ,I’m sure there will be an initial uptake because of the sunny weather but can’t see anyone paying £599 long term for a car with no space and only really big enough for 2 adults

It’s £19 less and that doesn’t include charging…. Maybe you mixed up the convertible and the hard top prices?

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I’m all for lively debate but the figures don’t add up. It’s £519 on here. If you can get it from Fiat for £339 then you would need to get insurance, maintenance, and charging for under £180 a month. I don’t see much difference in it either way? Plus you can walk away from the Onto car whenever you want.

I just checked on the Fiat website and they want £5000 customer deposit, now it’s definitely in Onto’s favour! All-Electric Fiat 500 - PCP Finance Deals | Fiat UK

I’m no Onto fanboy but what you’re saying isn’t correct.


Oh look, maybe this is the next small urban car to join the fleet…


Oh wow!

They’ve outdone the entire class here!!!