The most wanted Onto cars are back!

The most wanted Onto cars are back! Email states….

The most wanted Onto cars from Renault , Peugeot and Audi are back! All available for delivery this month. Which one will you go for?

Peugeot e-208 GT

Peugeot e-208 GT

£469 /month

Book the e-208 GT

Audi E-tron

Audi e-tron

£1299 /month

Book the Audi e-tron

Zoe ZE50 Iconic

Renault Zoe ZE50 Iconic

£389 /month

Book the Zoe Iconic

Zoe GT Line

Renault Zoe ZE50 GT Line

£399 /month

Book the Zoe GT Line

Really surprised to see the Audi e-tron in this list.
So how many subscribers on here actually have an e-torn?
Maybe it’s just business subscribers as I don’t recall posts re the e-tron.


I don’t have the email…I wish they could sort out a way of ensuring everyone gets these emails at near enough the same time. As it happens, this one isn’t particularly exciting (to me), but the next one might be!

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It actually arrived yesterday at 19:00hrs.

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Same here. 7PM Exactly last night.

@BillN - Have you been getting other newsletters recently? I seem to remember Lily saying they would all going out at the same time in future so wonder if you maybe unsubscribed to them.

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Thank you. Hmm, I hadn’t knowingly unsubscribed. Maybe a bug somewhere there. I’ve checked that link again and made sure both are ticked. Nothing in my junk mailbox either.

I didn’t get one either! Checked junk etc. Very strange.

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No email for me either.

Maybe it was only sent to people who don’t currently have an Onto car??

Don’t think that applies to Koda, so must be some other marketing settings :roll_eyes:

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i havent recieved anything either …

@Lily_at_Onto I’m also in the “I didn’t get one” camp!

Got another £5 from InstaVolt though. Will they stop already :wink:


It technically does apply to me. I Don’t have my next Onto car coming until next week but my online account does show me as having an active subscription within my ‘free trial period’ so unsure how they decide if you are active or not, if that was the criteria for triggering this newsletter to be sent out.


So is this confirmation of the final part of the three fold announcement? Restocking of existing models.

One down, two to go. A new brand, almost certainly VW, and new models from a brand already part of the fleet.

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I see nobody has commented on this bit yet.

And I don’t currently have an active subscription.

They’re too busy earning the money to pay for it, to have time to post here!

Also, we don’t know how many were in the first batch. Not too many I would say, as at that price they wouldn’t want too many of them hanging around doing nothing.

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I really like the etron, but dam way too expensive for personal.
You could pick one up on a lease for 600 a month (1+35 10k miles) a month or so back

I have the e-tron but agree that’s it’s expensive for what it is. I wanted an SUV with good range and comfort. This is all they have at the moment, but the ID4 (if it does land) could be a good alternative.


i havent recieved anything either …

if you wanted range why get the etron,the range is atrocious the ipace would of been better ?

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