The KONA now handles CarPlay / Android Auto properly!

I didn’t realise, there’s a self update available for the Kona and it makes the Android Auto display in full screen and it works much better.

Anyone with a Kona (and a spare hour and a USB drive) can download the update themselves using the Hyundai tool → Navigation Updater | Official Hyundai Motors Navigation Update Website

Shamelessly stolen from SpeakEV (Credit - )


Yeah, this was released several months back now, and also works on the Ioniq too, for anyone interested.

For anyone lazy who has a service due soon anyways, if you explicitly ask the dealer for this, they’ll do the update for you too.


Yeah that’s true, our kona got this last year Dec I think. Because I know I had full screen android auto on the kona and ioniq

Just updated my Ioniq, but Android Auto still doesn’t fill the entire display :frowning: am I missing a setting somewhere?

Try the usual stuff.
Turn it all off and reboot.
Maybe also try to disconnect and re-pair Android phone too.
Doubt there is a setting, but could be wrong.

Found the option, it’s not under Display nor a setting on Android Auto itself. Instead on the car go: Setup > Phone Connection > Phone Projection Settings > Uncheck “Use split screen at Android Auto screen”


Bizarre and as usual non sensible structure/location.
And what is it even for? Split screen type thing should be a swipe on display or symbol touch.

With it ticked, Android Auto displays the old way and the right hand side has the display you speak of where you can swipe up and down. With it unchecked Android Auto takes up the entire screen but no way to bring up the side menu for battery status etc


This works for KIA’s as well as they use the same platform.