The Future of ZE40

Hello @Lily_at_Evezy, I have really enjoyed subscribing to Evezy and would like to continue using my Renault ZE40 beyond 2020. With the introduction of the ZE50 into the Evezy fleet this summer, what are your plans for supporting existing subscribers driving the ZE40 in the future? Thank you.

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I’ve already suggested to @EverythingEvezy that he asks this question to Rob in his YouTube interview tomorrow, Thursday the 9th April.


I also suggested it to @EverythingEvezy for the interview. If Rob answers it I will delete this topic.


Why delete it? It’s a good topic. Just post Rob’s answer and leave the thread for others to read and comment.

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Rob Jolly was asked this question during the @EverythingEvezy live Q&A. I gathered from his answer was there was no immediate change, and no future plans have been decided at this stage.


So it seems evezy will not force you to give up your current car on the legacy tariff. They will either provide an equivalent vehicle, or allow you to keep your vehicle for longer than three years.

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Oh I missed that, thanks for the clarification.