The future is electric green! #COP26

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You guys have helped save 2.3 million kg of CO₂ tailpipe emissions this year, and it doesn’t end there!

As I’m sure you all know, today marked Transport Day at the COP26 summit, and the importance of electric cars was made abundantly clear.

These are just some of our impressive sustainable stats from 2021, and we’re over the moon to see the impact our growing Onto community has had on the planet so far this year. You are all playing an important part in making the world a more sustainable place, we hope you’re as proud of it as we are!

Let us know if there are any other sustainable stats you’d like to see!

What else are you doing to be greener?


I would love to be able to order the vehicle I want, but there has not been any vehicles available around the midlands for a bit- any idea when stocks are going to increase to cope with demand? :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you tag @Lily_at_Onto then she may be able to respond. The rest of us haven’t got any more information than you. They do restock regularly, so it’s just a question of checking as often as you can and be ready to book it immediately. If you’re in need of a vehicle, being flexible might help. You can always swap to your preferred vehicle later. At least you will be mobile in the meantime.


Yeah that’s what I did as well. I wanted the Hyundai but it wasn’t available in the Glasgow area, so I settled for a Zoe instead for now. Just have to be mobile to get to work every once in a while for important meetings and to go get groceries.

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