The end of the Onto journey for now for us

:sob: Sadly today marks the end of my Onto journey, at least for the forseeable.

What initially started as “a few months” early last year as a way to get around, visit family and explore bits of the UK, as lockdowns were easing (but vaccines weren’t rolled out yet and I wasn’t really viewing things as very safe at all, being in one of the more vulnerable categories), turned into 13 months of mostly extremely pleasant motoring. I have still managed to avoid the old 'rona so I’ll chalk that down to a win.

We had the BMW i3 from April - August last year, the ID.3 Life from August - October, and since mid October have had the ID.3 Family edition.

With international travel becoming far more easy/frequent, and things getting more back to “normal”, with the prices of everything soaring through the roof, I just can’t justify keeping a vehicle full time for the amount that we’ll be using it for this year at least. We have been doing around 500mi/month recently, likely to drop to maybe half that given the balance of domestic/overseas trips. At £20/day to keep the Onto car (and increasing in August), I just can’t justify it any more, and today a friendly bloke picked up our “Vivienne” and took her away.

That could change, of course, if I were able to salary sacrifice a lease and get things down to a more manageable level, but for now it’s back to rented cars for weekend trips, Zipcars for short term needs, and likely a strong pining for any EV that goes past. I’m sure I’ll still be spotting the Onto trademark dashcam on more and more cars as there are even more of you out driving.

Every time an i3 passes me by I still miss it. It’s a stupendously good city car, but pretty rubbish for long motorway trips. It’s super fun to drive though. The ID.3 I pretty quickly took to, while it’s not without its (many) quirks, it is still a lovely car to drive, they’re getting more and more common on the roads, with good reason! I have fond memories of both, but I think it’s still the Beamer that’s got my heart.

Electrification of transport is without a doubt a huge revolution which I can’t wait to see happen. It’s such a great thing that services like Onto exist - say what you will - the flexibility and general ease of use as a product is second to none in its field.

To anyone in the South who sees a Stonewashed Blue ID.3 Family pop up on the booking system (unless it’s already gone); she’ll be our well-loved Vivienne. Hope she goes to a good home! She’s got about 3800mi on the clock now and I’ve emailed Shell to un-link the card from my Shell Recharge app…

I can’t go and edit my referral code on the master thread to remove it, but I’ve updated my profile. Thanks to anyone over the past while who’s used it.

I’m sure I’ll still lurk around here occasionally, but I’m less likely to be active. Thank you to all for the good discussions and all help you’ve offered. Safe travels and best wishes! :wave:


@Tyson I am glad to hear you enjoyed your time with Onto, and we are sad to see you go.
Don’t worry - I’m sure we’ll find Vivienne a good home!
Drive safely :slight_smile: