The Audi Q4 40 e-tron S Line has arrived!

Hi all,

As a few of our eagle-eyed subscribers saw, we had a certain car on the horizon that we know a lot of you are excited about. Now’s the time to make it official: We’re happy to announce the arrival of the Audi Q4 40 e-tron S Line to the Onto fleet!

But that’s not all.

As a little treat from us, we’d like to also announce that the Comfort and Sound pack will come as standard with the Q4! That means that you’ll get the Audi parking system plus, reversing camera, adaptive cruise control and the SONOS premium sound system for no extra cost!

Fantastic! Is there more to look forward to?

Why yes, yes there is! The Q4 also comes with a wide-range of features that truly create the perfect balance of intriguing tech alongside the timeless style that Audi is known for. This includes the Audi Virtual Cockpit, front sport seats and a touch sensitive multi-function steering wheel, all emphasised by sleek dark matt brushed aluminium inlays and chrome-trims. Not to mention the inclusion of Comfort Auxiliary Air Conditioning, so the interior can be at the perfect temperature before you even set off.

Available to book from today for delivery from late-October. An all-inclusive Audi Q4 40 e-tron S Line subscription for £999 per month. Find out more here >

If you currently have an Onto car, you can book your swap here >

Let us know your thoughts about this great new addition to the Onto family below!


It’ll be something that happens manually over the next day or two, I’d guess @porsch1909 - if the recent ID.3 and Citroën’s are anything to go by.

At the moment, the Q4 e-tron isn’t live on the website yet (the ID.3 went live simultaneously) so right now the only way to get one is via the form you used, or potentially calling up.

Given the premium price of this car though, I’m guessing there won’t be near as high demand as there was with the ID.3, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting the car you’re after, but do let us know how you go! :slight_smile:


Lovely car, but a bit too rich for my blood, next time round sure who books this will enjoy it massively and remember to share delivery day with the community


I have just gone how much, way too much for a car to be honest for me personally… and to carry on with the usual Audi jokes… do indicators come as standard :rofl:

Is it me or does it look weird…

Let us know how you get on with it.

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@mozzauk kinda true, no matrix lights, no coloured ambient lighting, normal steering wheel but banging sound system, but is it worth 2 konas :thinking:


In my view:)

english: no
russian: Нет (nyet)
chinese: 不 (bu)
japanese: いいえ (iie)
klingon: Qo’ (ko)
binary (not ascii): 01101110 01101111
gangsta: HELLZ NAW!!!

I think this video answers it:

The Big Bang Theory - Howard says No (in many languages) - YouTube


I think the Jag and e-tron 55 are ‘better value’ at the top end. Jag is twice as fast as Q4 40, however they are lovely well built cars and hefty monthly, but then they are £80K value cars :blush:
Think the Q4 40 will get a lot of business as well as consumer subscribers who want the slightly better monthlies.

Take that back - the Q4’s now live online.

If you want to confirm one as soon as physically practical @porsch1909 - jump on the phone (push the option for new customers) or website live chat to book one in with a person, which will jump you in front of your other request done via the form.

If you’re not too fussed, I’m sure it’ll get sorted via the process you’ve followed as others have seen recently


@burnt_crisps2 Kinda understand where you are coming from, but it’s like the updatable id3 where you have life against family, package and pricing is just about ok, but for that Audi’s cost kinda need all the theatricals which it kinda doesn’t have apart from the branding, but again this is all from my view point some one else would probably see it differently, so cheaper for me to live through another richer subscriber when they post pictures and views.

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Im exactly, the same…

I live in the world of just because I can, doesnt mean I should… and I would never pay over a certain amount a month for a car…

But i can live vicariously through other people :slight_smile:


You forgot


Booked straight away will be interesting going from etron to q4 etron

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Subscribing just so i can bring you guys reviews :wink:

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Good attitude,

Fingers crossed for you :slight_smile:

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Gonna shut up now, my id3 family hasn’t been delivered yet and I really want it :joy:


Damn, I was looking forward to this one (more specifically the sportback model but would settle for the standard). You need to be over 30yrs old to subscribe :upside_down_face:

Looks like I’ve managed to secure one for delivery late Oct after hitting refresh for a few hours. We purchased an ID3 family las month which is great and my wife loves it. I need a car for 9 months as I waiting for a new factory build and I’m hoping the Q4 is going to meet my expectations.


Excellent news. Trust it all arrives with no delays and you are happy with the car.
Welcome to the forum. Enjoy reading the various threads.

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Thanks. I’ll share the experience if it arrives on time :wink:


i filled in the form as soon as email came out but havent heard anything