The Ami Challenge

Does the £2400 down and £20 a month for a Citroen Ami look attractive to you? Would it fit into your usage model? Could it save you some money?

Convert your EV into an Ami, temporarily at least, and get the quadricycle experience.

Depending on how realistic you want to make the experience, carry out the following with your current EV:

(1) Select eco mode.
(2) Set the speed limiter to 28mph.
(3) Only depress the accelerator by a maximum of 5cm
(4) Do not use any of the space from the front seats backwards.
(5) Use your smartphone for SatNav and music (use of a Bluetooth speaker is allowable).
(6) Do not use the HVAC system.
(7) Only recharge using the granny cable.
(8) Recharge every 46 miles.

So far, I’ve tried (1) to (3) and (6) to see if I could live with an Ami for my usual journeys. It’s an interesting experience. Anyone else willing to go further?


I live in the South Downs and I cannot imagine the Ami will be able to climb up the steep hills. Otherwise I was going to suggest my ex-wife gets one as she is less likely to crash it and if she did, can replace the plastic panels cheaply

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Your ex-wife has plastic panels? :flushed::man_shrugging:

I meant the car has plastic panels lol

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