Tesla Solar


Solar, plus battery storage is booming since the energy crisis. On other forums the installers are swamped with customers at present.
It was worth doing in the last couple of years even after the demise of FIT, but with SEG and the ever rising energy prices it continues to make sense.

Our system generated 10kWh yesterday and likely will do the same today as sunny again. All free as our system paid for itself over a year ago and I expect at least another 25 years plus of it being free. Goes a long way to reduce overall energy costs. Trouble is the U.K. has one of the worst performing housing stock of any country in Europe because they are so poorly insulated.
There needs to be some serious changes to new build standards and a retrofit plan for current housing stock.

As below…
Ouch. Look at the enormous difference between Dutch and German average home insulation: the Dutch ones lose 2.4 times as much heat as the German ones!