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Quick question, what is the service interval on the Tesla vehicles?

Also, I have a fault on my ONTO vehicle that I’m 99.9999999% sure is a faulty cabin sensor, but the Climate Control in the front cabin is not working properly and it indicates a fault, would this be a “Mobile fix” or would I need to book in at a Service Centre? (Nearest is 45 miles each way, which I’d not like to have eating into my mileage allowance)

I think the majority of my question would be answered by the Tesla app (Which drivers have no access to)

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I would hope that Onto agrees to credit such miles. Is there any official policy documented somewhere?

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At the moment I’d just be glad of the valid reason to go for a drive. I was pleased to be able to drop a friend at Bart’s hospital yesterday. Normally wouldn’t enjoy driving in central London, but was glad to go a bit further than I’ve been able to recently.


Call onto and speak to them to see if it can be organised as a mobile visit, if not then SC it is.

I called Driver Line, they said they will get back to me. :slight_smile:

Hopefully it’s just a sensor, but it could be anything, hopefully they can do a mobile repair. :crossed_fingers:

True to their word, they got me booked in 2 weeks time with a courtesy car, not bad!


Glad to hear the process worked @Kev

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Yep, credit where it’s due @Carol :heart:

(Now who do I speak to about a Model X courtesy car) :laughing:

Have a great weekend :slight_smile:

When I took the M3P in for a new front wiring loom, I was given a Model S with FSD.


Isn’t the S and the 3 about the same spec wise?

I’d probably not trust the FSD and don’t really see the need is you need to keep your hands on the wheel (Which removes the SD from FSD)

@Kev magic comes a standard, not sure I can stretch to miracles lol!

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What I’d be doing is saying I’m interested in buying one can I have a go in one whilst in for service works everytime lol

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Good idea :rofl: That might just work!

@Carol You are a miracle worker, you’ve made so much positive change to the company in the last few weeks. :heart_eyes:

I must admit @Kevcasey makes reference to a secret sorcery that might just work :rofl::see_no_evil:

To be honest, if its just a sensor and they have it in stock, the repair would only be a very quick one. I might only end up with a 1 hour test drive :see_no_evil:

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An hour of magic is better than none


I wouldn’t be too sure! They had mine for three weeks because parts had to come from the US!

Ring them in advance and ask if it’s possible to have a Model X courtesy vehicle as you’d like to try them out. Have your VIN to hand as they use that to find your booking, rather than registration number.

I believe Insurance4carhire cover the excess on courtesy cars, but check a Model X would be covered. I think max value of vehicle to be covered is £120k so should be ok even if they give you an XP!


The parts had arrived last week and I took the car in on Thursday evening to leave it overnight. I was given an absolutely beautiful Model S P85D and WOW! All I can say is I didn’t want to give it back :cry:

Absolutely amazing vehicle and insane power, I never thought it would’ve been THAT powerful!

Anyways, all sorted and excellent service from the Leeds Service Centre! Awesome coffee (Nespresso) available too for anyone charging/browsing etc.