Tesla query

So today my tesla keeps displaying premium connectivity expired Connect to WiFi or subscribe to premium connectivity.

The only way I can play my Spotify through tesla is if I connect ut to my hotspot ut wasn’t doing this before just Bluetooth.

Can anyone help?

When I had a tesla from Onto, premium connectivity was included. I do remember seeing that message pop up once though and it corrected itself not long after. Maybe just contact onto if it persists?


Hi @Lanie85 - could you please contact our Customer Service Team - they should be able to either resolve or escalate this for you. :grin:


@Lanie85 - quick update - This has already been raised to our Operations Team who will reach out to Tesla to reinstate service. :wink:


The horror! I got into my Tesla today and no Spotify. What a long boring 10 min drive I had to go through.

Glad its being sorted though :grin: although off to a E208 next week for abit of Faro Yellow motoring :smirk:


@Raheel_at_Onto does the email regarding premium connectivity mean it wont be available in future teslas or will there be an option to purchase it?

My app doesn’t give me an option to add it. My Tesla returns tomorrow but may well go back to one in the future so be worth knowing.


How do I add premium connectivity, I’m new to tesla

Pop onto the tesla app there’s an add on subscription

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All sorted now :+1:

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Is premium connectivity £10 a month and what do you get in addition to what the car comes with?