Tesla Parts on back order

I’ve just had a phone call from Tesla Leeds asking if they can postpone my appointment I was booked in for tomorrow morning as the parts are on back order and they have no idea when they will be available.

In the meantime, the climate control isn’t working as it should (either boiling hot or freezing cold, no inbetween), preconditioning is disabled and the Auto wipers aren’t behaving as they should.

I know its nothing to do with ONTO but has anyone had experience of how long these sort of parts (sensors) normally take on back order?

Also as the service centre contacted me directly, it won’t be updated on the driverline service, will that be an issue?

Thanks :blush:

Maybe this is why ONTO didn’t get anymore Teslas!


Quite possibly, but with the new Chinese M3s starting to land, hopefully this will address a lot of the QC problems.

Would love to see ONTO offer the Model Y :heart_eyes::crossed_fingers: