Tesla opens select UK Superchargers to other EV brands


Very interesting as this is rolled out by Tesla.

On balance I think it does tremendously good PR for them. I think everyone wins.

I have zero beef with anyone driving a Tesla, even though it’s not currently a brand that appeals - and I hope this means ALL EV drivers will be tolerant on this!

So who will be first to download the app and tell us which SuCs are in the trial.


That was what I’m thinking too…

No one? Ok, here’s the list:

  • Adderstone NE70 7JU
  • Aviemore PH22 1PN
  • Dundee DD2 5JT
  • Manchester Trafford Centre M17 8AA
  • Flint Mountain CH6 5QG
  • Aberystwyth SY23 3TL
  • Banbury OX16 1LX
  • Wyboston MK44 3AL
  • Trumpington CB2 9FT
  • Thetford IP24 3TP
  • Wokingham RG41 5DG
  • Uxbridge UB8 1QJ
  • Thurrock RM20 2ZP
  • Folkstone Eurotunnel Terminal CT18 8XX

Aberystwyth is good because there’s not a lot of charging options in that area.


FYIs - I just updated the thread title (didn’t know I had so much power!) to say “select” superchargers - no one wants people seeing stuff at a glance and thinking it’s all Supercharger sites and then not being able to get a charge!

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You don’t need the app. It’s on the map on their website and you can filter sites that are open to non-Teslas.


So is the Eurotunnel one, because the other chargers they have are still out of order, as far as I know.


“Caller, please hold. Your call is important to us…”

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16 locations now

Over 150x 150+ kW charger added to the network


:man_shrugging:t2: Currently [sic] not needing a charge though :zap: - could be a few days…:crazy_face:

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Just to reiterate, if you drive a non-Tesla EV with CCS and think you are ever likely to want to try using one of the select open-to-all Superchargers, please download and set up the app and payment etc in advance. :pray:


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I assume us non-tesla’s don’t have access for free with onto? :slight_smile:

Devon and Cornwall left out again.

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Correct. If you want to use these you need to download the app and make your own account.


Lots of info and FAQs here:

iPhone app here:


Android app here:

Sorry I’m late :popcorn: :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:


Presumed not - but it’s good to have a back up plan when out and about. This app will sit alongside a couple of others and, alongside Gridserve, are in my Zap-Maps filter for a “high convenience” factor …

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