Tesla Model Y app access

My Model Y arrived today, but no access to the Tesla app - so cant add premium connectivity.
Customer services say to add the car in the app, but pretty certain this isn’t the way to do it…

Anyone know how to make this work???

You need an email from Onto to set this up.
Flagging @Amy_at_Onto to help resolve.

@Amy_at_Onto I would appreciate any help I can get on this - I cant add premium connectivity to the car and also want to use my phone as the key - both need the Tesla app.

@rkydd The team have now added this for you, please check your emails and you should find the invite. If I can be of any further assistance please let me know. Have a lovely day! :slightly_smiling_face:


@Amy_at_Onto thanks! - email received and I have the app now. However it doesn’t seem to let me add premium connectivity. I followed the instructions and both in the app and in the car there is no option under upgrades to add it. Can you advise?

I don’t see anything in the subscription full specs that shows premium connectivity is included/available so it’s probably not, hence why you can’t add.

it should be available via the upgrades tab in the App and in the car. Looking online it seems this is a common issue on lease cars too and it requires On.to to enable this for the driver as part of making the Tesla app available to the driver. Onto even reference this on their Tesla page on the website.

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Agree it does say this for both M3 versions, but that text is missing for the Model Y, hence it either isn’t included or it’s a website error, which is likely the latter.

You probably need to call Onto or use Chat and get it resolved that way.

Will flag @Amy_at_Onto if the website details are in error for correction.

Got it resolved - email, chat with Onto and something was reconfigured, my app access removed then added back and now able to add the subscription for premium connectivity. All working as expected now.