Tesla Model X

The 7 seater tesla model x would be perfect :pray:


over £100K for a car, you can buy a house for that… so you are probably looking at over £2K a month on OntO

More money than soft mick at that price im afraid


For a monthly commitment, £810 a week plus insurance from these guys:



That is an eye watering amount of money… so over £3K a month, the mind boggles, wonder if they have any takers…


There’s always takers probably the daily one will more tempting than the monthly rates. I’d like to try one too.

It’s one very big car with a large turning circle which makes manoeuvring challenging, but still doable. Crazy rear doors which really are over complicated for what is actually required, all adding to the extra cost.
It was one of the first cars we test drove from Tesla MK. The car had been moved from London to MK for test drives and most of the alloys were curbed, mainly due to the tight access to car parking in the Tesla London facility, but of course doesn’t bode well for everyday use anywhere.
Impressive vehicle but not as impressive as the I-Pace in our view. However if you need 7 seats I think I would be looking at the Mercedes Van EQV300 or similar.

I Hate scratching the alloys whenever I used to buy brand new cars I used to park away from the kerbs and avoid tight areas but in London is tough specially width restrictions I don’t mind the witdth post but I do the pavement when is very narrow you’re bound to scratch the alloys it happened to me once with a rental van that’s why I love the 360 cams these days I’ll be sure to take the I pace when one becomes available but for now Tesla L)

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