Tesla Model 3 App

Hi All. Due to swap into a M3 SR+ tomorrow and wondering if we get access to the Tesla app with onto or whether it is all through the Onto app.


You should get an E-Mail inviting you to sign up for the Tesla app once delivery is completed I believe. There was an issue with the connectivity for a while which is why they allowed subscribers to get the official app.

If you get no such invite, then assume that the issues are now fixed. With the Tesla, you can press the ‘Feature’ button in the Onto app and that will give you access to the other controls like preconditioning instead - So regardless of if you get the Tesla app or not you shouldn’t miss out on too many features.

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Thanks, very useful info :blush:

@WayfaringCookie Hi! Dan here!

On the day of the delivery, when the vehicle is on route to you, our internal teams will add your Onto email to the tesla app and send you an invite, you just need to follow the instructions in the email then you’re good to go! you can also use the Onto app if required as well.

Same on the day of collection, once the vehicle is picked up, we will remove the access from the tesla app ready for the next customer.

As with all new deliveries, we’ll give you a call the day of delivery or the day after to make sure you’re all set up and take any feedback you have.

hope this helps! Happy driving!


Thats great. Thank you for the info Dan!

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